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Xiaopeng Motor Announces financing of nearly 500 million US dollars for C+ Round
Jul 20,2020 11:15CST
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SMM News: Xiaopeng announced today that it has signed the C+ round financing with the participation of well-known investment institutions such as Aspex, Coatue, Hillhouse Capital and Sequoia China, with a financing amount of nearly 500m US dollars.

The successful signing of the C+ round financing fully reflects investors' confidence in Xiaopeng's strategy, market positioning and its long-term vision as a leader in smart electric vehicles in China.

Since its inception, Xiaopeng has been committed to manufacturing intelligent electric vehicles through advanced self-research technology to provide intelligent electric vehicle experience for China's fast-growing and technology-advocating mid-range consumers, and the signing of C+ round financing has further strengthened the long-term positioning of Xiaopeng Automobile.

Xiaopeng Automobile has achieved a number of enterprise milestones in the past six months, which is full of challenges affected by the new crown epidemic, including the successful launch of the second intelligent sedan car, Xiaopeng P7, in April this year, and Xiaopeng Automobile Zhaoqing Intelligent Factory, which also has independent production capacity. It won the production qualification in May this year.

Xiaopeng announced in November 2019 that it had received $400 million in round C financing.

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