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Gold is blocked to fall below the support see 1807
Jul 20,2020 09:05CST
Source:Golden ten data
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The picture shows the gold 30-minute trend, the price is blocked by the top 1811 resistance level, the MACD index shows that the price downward pressure is greater, the lower support see the front low 1807, followed by Fibonacci 50% pullback and the front low 1803 resonance support.

If the price rebounds upwards, the resistance will see 1811, followed by the top 1815.

Viewpoint: short-term bearish, support see 1807. (if you break through 1811, the point of view is invalid)

The picture shows the trend of the gold daily line, the price fluctuated horizontally above the support after breaking through the resistance line composed of highs since April. The current price test of the support line rebounded, and the upper resistance saw the previous high of 1818. Breaking this level means the end of the consolidation trend. For further gains, see Fibonacci 161.8% extension booth 1859.

If the price falls, the support will see the front resistance line, followed by the upper range along 1747.

Viewpoint: the daily line is bullish, focusing on 1818 resistance. (if it falls below 1747, the point of view is invalid)

Multi-cycle technical signals show intraday market sentiment bullish: short-term bullish (5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour), mid-term bullish (daily line), long-term bullish (weekly line, monthly line).

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