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[concern] Quzhou Huayou Cobalt New material with an annual output of 30,000 tons of high purity ternary power battery grade nickel sulfate project starts construction
Jul 18,2020 08:41CST
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SMM: July 17, Quzhou Huayou Cobalt New Materials Co., Ltd. annual output of 30, 000 tons (metal) high-purity ternary power battery-grade nickel sulfate project opening ceremony was held. Chen Hongliang, President of the Group, Fang Qixue, Senior Vice President, Wang Haitao, President of the holding Group, and other leaders attended and witnessed the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Xu Wei, vice president of the group.

"on the occasion of the Group's working meeting in mid-2020, in the alternate year of the 13th five-year Plan and the 14th five-year Plan, we held the launching ceremony of the high purity ternary power battery grade nickel sulfate project with an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons (metal quantity) in Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park. is of great significance. President Chen Hongliang said at the opening ceremony that the landing of the nickel sulfate project in Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park will further enlarge the advantages of resource sharing, factor integration and industrial coordination in the industrial park, further optimize the product structure of cobalt, nickel and precursors in the industrial park, and further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the industrial park as "product-leading and cost-leading", so as to lay a solid industrial foundation for the company to become a global leader in new energy lithium materials. At the same time, General Chen demanded that during the construction of the project, all owner units, design units, construction units, and supervision units should cooperate closely, strengthen communication and coordination, strictly enforce construction quality, strengthen safety in production, and achieve civilized construction, so as to build the project into a model of multi-party cooperation.

Lu Yuntao, president of Giant Master Construction Group, made a statement as a representative of the construction unit. He said: in the process of project construction, the master will strictly abide by the guidelines of "ensuring safe production, ensuring project quality, and ensuring construction schedule," and strictly abide by various technical regulations and quality management requirements. strive for safe and civilized construction, seize the progress of the project, pay close attention to the quality of the project, ensure that the various tasks of the project construction are completed on schedule, quality and quantity, and jointly build the project into a benchmarking project.

Group, Huayou Holdings and relevant leaders of various industrial groups, members of the project team and representatives of construction units, design units, supervision units and more than 200 people attended the opening ceremony. Before the opening ceremony, the leading cadres who attended the work meeting of Huayou Cobalt Industry in 2020, led by President Chen Hongliang, visited the Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park.

Quzhou Huayou Cobalt New material Co., Ltd. "annual output of 30,000 tons (metal quantity) high purity ternary power battery grade nickel sulfate project" is a strategic topic for non-ferrous industry group to focus on the development of efficient and green new smelting technology, leading in cost and realizing key breakthroughs in metallurgical technology. Relying on the industrial integration advantages of industrial clusters and lithium electricity recycling towns in Quzhou industrial agglomeration area, the project uses nickel-cobalt recycled materials and nickel hydroxide as the main raw materials, selects advanced technology and equipment, and adopts fire-wet combined smelting process to produce nickel sulfate products. The project realizes the benchmark project of harmless treatment and resource utilization of cobalt and nickel recycled materials, is a pioneering technology of low-cost green manufacturing, and has a demonstration effect on improving the resource circulation and green manufacturing of cobalt new materials industry. it is a milestone for the industry.

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