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[SMM Bismuth spot Weekly Review] Bismuth market price is stable (2020.7.13 muri 2020.7.17)
Jul 17,2020 18:59CST
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SMM July 17: market Review: the supply of bismuth ingots in the market this week is still tight, many manufacturers have significantly reduced shipments this week, while the market trading volume has increased slightly compared with last week, especially focusing on some low-cost resources. At present, most manufacturers in the quotation or maintain the performance of the price, but there are also many manufacturers due to the low inventory of refined bismuth began to significantly increase the price of shipments. Although there is still no obvious sign of improvement in foreign demand, domestic demand has increased significantly compared with the previous period, mainly reflected in the fact that many downstream buyers began to replenish their positions and hoard goods gradually because they felt the shortage of market resources. including investors also have more buying investment and other rising behavior. Under the promotion of this buying force, it has promoted the overall improvement of market prices. By the end of this week, the mainstream price of SMM bismuth ingots was 34500 to 35000 yuan per ton, with an average price of 35000 yuan per ton higher than that of last week. Although the supply of refined bismuth in the market is tight recently, from the understanding of the situation, many manufacturers still have large stocks of crude bismuth and other raw materials, but they have not yet become refined bismuth for various reasons, therefore, this is a hindrance that cannot be ignored on the way to rising prices. From the point of view of the market mentality, there are people who are bullish and bearish, and it is difficult to unify their opinions. It is expected that the market price of bismuth ingots will be on the strong side next week, and the possibility of further rise cannot be ruled out.

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