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[SMM selenium spot Weekly Review] the price of diselenide is firm and the selenium market continues to stabilize (2020.7.13 Mel 2020.7.17)
Jul 17,2020 17:10CST
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This week the domestic selenium market is very calm, the price change from raw materials to finished products is very small, downstream on-demand procurement transactions, the market is waiting for further clarity of the follow-up trend.

Today, the transaction prices of SMM99.9% selenium powder, 99.9% selenium ingots, crude selenium and selenium dioxide are 95mur120 yuan / kg, 99.9% selenium ingots, 58mur70 yuan / kg and 57mur62 yuan / kg, respectively, which are the same as last Friday.

In terms of selenium powder: 99.9% of the foreign media sold selenium powder at 6.3Mel 7.75 US dollars per pound, the price was the same as last week. The overall domestic demand for refined selenium is still stable, and the demand and purchase quantity will not increase as the merchants lower their quotations, so the prices of domestic selenium powder traders and imported selenium powder agents are mostly still stable. 99.9% of the transactions of domestic selenium powder revolve around 95tel 100 yuan / kg, while the imported 99.9% selenium powder is concentrated in 105 Mel 120 yuan / kg, and the price of individual high premium brands will be slightly higher. The price of crude selenium raw materials remained stable this week, which is also one of the factors contributing to the stability of selenium powder and selenium ingots.

In terms of selenium: the downstream demand for selenium is relatively calm on Tuesday, but under the condition that the price of raw materials is stable and strong, the holder of selenium also sticks to the existing price. Similarly, the price stability of crude selenium also makes merchants more confident. In the case of regular downstream purchases, diselenide holders are not easy to accept counter-offers. As of today, the trading price of diselenide on the market is mainly concentrated in the range of 5852 60 yuan / kg, even if the situation of the downstream electrolytic manganese plant is not optimistic, it has not affected the market mood for the time being.

A grand meeting of the industry will be held next week, and many enterprises will come to meet to talk about the selenium market. It is believed that the trend will be clearer in the later stage.

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