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[copper Summit] Copper Target Market and Application
Jul 17,2020 16:06CST
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SMM7 March 17: at the 2020 China (Yingtan) Copper Industry Summit Forum and the 15th China International Copper Industry chain Summit held by SMM, Guo Huimeng, director of the Technology Center of Chinalco Luoyang Copper processing Co., Ltd., gave a speech on the theme of "copper target market and application".

Market and Application of Copper Target

In the past decade, the global flat panel display industry has developed vigorously, and China has achieved great-leap-forward development in panel production. By 2020, the LCD panel industry has increased to more than 15 production lines, including 8.5 generation and 10 + generation lines. The development of the big generation line is bound to improve the requirements for process materials, Cu has better electrical conductivity compared to other metals such as Al, and Cu can meet the wiring requirements of larger panels under the same conditions. With the development and mass production of copper technology in panel enterprises, the demand for Cu targets increases year by year.

Sputtering target

In vacuum, accelerated ions bombard the solid surface, and the ions exchange momentum with the atoms on the solid surface, so that the atoms on the solid surface leave the solid and deposit on the substrate surface to form the necessary thin films. This process is called sputtering. The bombarded solid is the source material for depositing thin films by sputtering, which is called the target.

Target classification

According to the shape, the target is divided into rectangular, circular and special-shaped targets.

According to the material, it is divided into pure metal target, alloy target and ceramic compound target.

Target industry chain

The target industry chain mainly includes metal purification, target manufacturing, sputtering coating and terminal application. Among them, target manufacturing and sputtering coating are located in the middle reaches, which is the key link in the whole sputtering target industry chain.

Target manufacturing

Sputtered copper plate target (for example, greater than or equal to 5.5g)

Sputtered copper tube target

The demand for copper targets in the panel industry is on the rise. at present, this field is dominated by foreign enterprises such as Aifa, Sumitomo Chemical and Panshi, in which Aifa and JX metals are the main suppliers of copper targets, while Luoyang Copper processing and Jiangfeng Electronics are the main suppliers of copper targets in China.

Application Prospect of Copper Target

The national "new infrastructure" will stimulate a new round of industrial revolution, and the demand for high-performance copper and copper alloy materials is increasing continuously. as a digital display terminal for new infrastructure, the demand for panels will increase greatly, which is bound to further increase the market capacity of copper targets.

Chinalco Luoyang Copper processing Co., Ltd. is one of the 156key projects built during the first five-year Plan period, covering an area of 900000 square meters. The factory is located in the national free trade pilot zone and the national independent innovation demonstration zone.

The company mainly produces and manages copper and copper alloy plates, strips, tubes, bars, profiles, as well as aluminum-magnesium plate and strip. Products are widely used in electronic information, new energy, marine engineering, rail transit, automotive, electrical, mechanical, metallurgical, construction and other emerging fields and traditional industries.

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