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[copper Summit] New Progress of Precision Copper Tube Technology and downstream demand change
Jul 17,2020 15:07CST
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SMM7 March 17: today, Chang Jianyong, deputy general manager of Shanghai Longyang Precision Composite Copper Tube Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on the theme of "New Progress and downstream demand changes of Precision Copper Tube Technology" at the 2020 China (Yingtan) Copper Industry Summit Forum and the 15th China International Copper Industry chain Summit. The main contents are related to the introduction of cast-rolling and rotary rolling processes, the technology and new development of precision copper tubes, as well as the future demand changes and substitutability of copper tubes.

Technology and New Development of Precision Copper Tube

High energy efficiency internally threaded copper tubes and finned tubes

High energy efficiency means that air conditioners can use fewer copper tubes.

The annual output value of air conditioners in China is 650 billion yuan, of which copper pipe is the largest purchasing item, about 120 billion. Every 1 per cent reduction in copper tube usage creates 1.2 billion economic value.

Excellent copper tube design can increase the energy efficiency by 50% compared with ordinary copper tube, reduce the use of copper tube or improve the energy efficiency of air conditioning.

Energy-efficient air conditioners can make a great contribution to national energy conservation and emission reduction.

Fine diameter internally threaded copper pipe

The fine diameter of copper tube can greatly reduce the amount of copper tube, refrigerant, aluminum foil and other frame materials.

The fine diameter of copper tube can effectively reduce the volume of air conditioner, reduce the weight of air conditioner, and is easy to install and maintain.

The use of fine diameter copper tube is the embodiment of the scientific and technological content of air conditioning.

4mm copper tubes weigh 30% of 9.52 per meter.

High precision internal thread and high precision finned tube

With the progress of processing technology and equipment, automation and intelligent market demand, copper tube wall thickness, outer diameter, meter weight, straightness and physical properties of copper tube are developing to high precision.

High purity oxygen-free copper corrosion resistant pipe

High purity oxygen-free copper tube can greatly reduce ant nest corrosion and other chemical corrosion in the process of air conditioning processing and use.

Oxygen-free copper has better processing and thermal conductivity than TP2.

Currently in Fujitsu, Dajin, Midea, Hisense batch application.

High strength copper pipe

In response to rising copper prices and to support the use of high-pressure new refrigerants. The main purpose of this paper is to strengthen the matrix structure of the pipe through special processing technology, so as to improve its tensile strength, pressure resistance and processing performance, reduce the weight of copper tube and reduce the purchasing cost of copper pipe.

Large loose disk copper tube: reduce pipe jam, save packaging, reduce process waste

Future demand change and substitutability of copper tube

40% of air conditioners made in China are exported and 60% are sold domestically. All these air conditioners use domestically produced copper tubes, and at the same time, there is also a certain amount of domestic copper tubes for export, so domestic and foreign air conditioning sales account for about half of the domestic demand for precision copper tubes.

In the short term, domestic air conditioning sales are closely related to the national real estate policy.

Air conditioning sales abroad

Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea are mainly updated; the annual sales volume does not change much.

Southeast Asia + India has a population of nearly 2 billion, with less than 10% of air conditioning households, with rapid growth and huge space. As most of them depend on the export of Chinese air conditioners or components, it will provide a good support for the domestic demand for copper tubes.

We should pay attention to the scale transfer of air conditioning and copper pipe production to Southeast Asia in the future. At present, due to the domestic complete industrial chain and sufficient technical personnel advantages, the transfer capacity is not large.

Short-term effect of inventory Air conditioning on Copper Tube demand

Domestic air conditioning inventory fluctuates between 2000 and 50 million units every year, and every 10 million air conditioners is equivalent to about 50, 000 tons of copper tubes.

Aluminum tube advantages: low cost, light weight, disadvantages: poor weldability, low strength

The advantages of copper: excellent thermal conductivity, excellent cold workability, welding, excellent performance, good corrosion resistance, medium strength, excellent recyclability.

Conclusion: it is very difficult for aluminum to replace copper in a large area. At present, less than 1% of air conditioners are made of aluminum tubes.

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