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Military Science and Technology helps to successfully hold the "2020 (15th) lead and Zinc Summit"
Jul 17,2020 11:43CST
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Be a good host! Junyi "Intelligent sorting" invites you to gather in Star City.

Only have talent, be prosperous in this city, dare to be the first, and equip,., the capital of wisdom, that is, the Star City of Culture, the Star City of Wisdom, and the Beautiful Star City-Changsha!

On the occasion of the smooth convening of the "2020 (15th) lead and Zinc Summit", as the host of this event, we sincerely welcome all the leaders, experts, colleagues and friends who participated in this meeting. We will take this meeting as an opportunity to invite you to visit the Junyi company and the test base to exchange advanced experience in various fields. Junyi science and technology will adhere to independent intellectual property technology, scientific and technological innovation, focus on the field of AI intelligent sorting, and make every effort to promote the construction of intelligent green mines and the high-quality development of mining enterprises!

Hunan Junyi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Junyi Science and Technology"), located in No. 8, Xincheng Science and Technology Park, Changsha High-tech Zone, was founded in June 2008, focusing on the three major fields of AI intelligent sorting, environmental protection technology and system integration. It is a double certification enterprise of "high-tech enterprise" and "software certification enterprise" in Hunan Province. Successfully listed in July 2015, stock code: 832863.

The strategic cooperation of "industry-university-research" with scientific research colleges and universities.

Changsha Mining Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Changsha Mining and Metallurgical Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Hunan Nonferrous Metals Research Institute

Changsha Nonferrous Metallurgical Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Central South University

University of National Defense Science and Technology

Kunming University of Science and Technology

To build an intelligent ore sorting production demonstration base with state-owned enterprises

Minmetals Group Shuikoushan Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd.

Hunan Gold Group Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Zhongjin Lingnan Mining Co., Ltd.

About equipment

A mine of China Minmetals Group

Raw ore grade: 60.8%

Tailings grade: lead + zinc: 0.3%

Scrap rate: ≥ 31%

Granularity: 10~65mm

Recovery: Pb, Zn ≥ 98.5%

Production capacity: 60 to 80 t / h

A mine in Central Asia Silver Polymetal Group

Capacity: 99.23t/h

Discarding rate of homework: 41.24%

Recovery: Pb 95.32%, Zn 92.85%, Ag 94.66%

A mine of Hunan Gold Group

Scrap rate: 40.52%

Loss rate of scrap metal: 3.69%

The grade of Sb is increased from 1.32% to 2.14%, and the enrichment ratio is 1.62.

Military Science and Technology adheres to the Huxiang spirit of continuous self-improvement and practical application, and attaches importance to practice. After more than three years of technical research, the company has successfully developed and produced complete sets of metal ore intelligent sorting system equipment, and realized commercial application at the beginning of 2019. Used for ore intelligent sorting in the concentrator, the technical parameters are better than similar products at home and abroad and higher than customer expectations.

In 2019, the products have been well received by customers through the on-site use and operation of mining enterprises.

Let us take this meeting as an opportunity to promote the development of "mining enterprises" and work together to share the "lead" and "zinc" status. Zhihui Star City-Changsha Summit is worth this trip!

Hunan Junyi Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Company address: building 8, Xincheng Science and Technology Park, 588 Yuelu West Avenue, High-tech Development Zone, Changsha City

Tel: 0731 Mei 8883 2863

Mobile phone: 18188800859 (Cao)

Web site: http://www.hnjumper.com

Click to sign up for SMM 2020 (15th) lead and Zinc Summit

Contact us at the meeting:

Cao Juanjuan (lead): 021muri 51595790

Mobile phone: 135MB 6472 FLI 8530

Scan the code online to check the progress of the lead and zinc summit.


Lead and zinc

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