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New West Asia Aluminum listed in Chongqing Stock transfer Center
Jul 17,2020 10:54CST
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SMM: July 3, including West Asia shares and other 12 enterprises in the Chongqing share transfer center trading hall held the growth board listing ceremony, these enterprises are from Jiangjin District, Banan District, Yubei District, Fuling District and Jiangbei District and other places. "this listing is of great significance to us. We have just been assessed as an integrated enterprise, and this time we have tested the capital market, which will greatly enhance the confidence of enterprises in high-quality development." Liu Bin, chairman and general manager of Chongqing New West Asia Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd., said that the enterprise's aluminum deep processing has extended a relatively perfect industrial chain, and the company's new products such as Elektra all-aluminum furniture have taken advantage of the "Belt and Road" to go abroad and successfully open up sales in parts of Southeast Asia.

Speed up the production of aseptic natural aluminum operating platform to help fight the epidemic.

Aluminum processing is the main business of New West Asia Aluminum Group. Just after the Spring Festival this year, it was a critical moment for epidemic prevention. On the afternoon of February 5, Liu Bin suddenly received a phone call from the Municipal Economic and Information Commission. Let the company before February 7 for Chongqing re-rise technology to provide a number of all-aluminum alloy aseptic operating table. The latter is producing much-needed medical supplies for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Wuhan, and the process standard of the operation platform is high. As soon as Liu Bin put down the phone, he immediately convened a meeting of the company's senior management team to study the plan. early the next morning, after the temperature measurement of the four employees was normal and the mask protection was in place, the beautiful aseptic operating platforms were rushed out through strict procedures such as material selection, blanking, bending, welding, grinding, assembly, inspection, etc., which were highly praised by the leaders of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission and promoted to the company again.

At the end of last year, the New West Asia Group applied for the "two-way integration management system" and passed the evaluation and review this year, marking a new level of standardized management of the enterprise. At the workers' Congress held at the beginning of the year, Liu Bin stressed the strategic orientation of "adhering to strategic leadership, highlighting market development, promoting high-quality development of enterprises, strengthening innovation-driven, tamping basic management, and writing a new chapter in the development of the company." Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the company's epidemic prevention and control leading group has actively implemented the requirements of superiors by means of WeChat group, QQ group and official account, and guided employees to actively make unremitting efforts to win the battle against the epidemic. At present, the five major business sectors of aluminum decoration, aluminum home decoration, aluminum building materials, aluminum technology and aluminum labor services in New West Asia have a good momentum of development, the market is recovering rapidly, and it is expected to achieve year-on-year growth in the second half of the year.

Strengthen and optimize the whole industry chain to serve high-quality life

In recent days, Wang Kai, general manager of New West Asia Aluminium subsidiary Elyka Quanaluminum Home, is paying close attention to the news reports of flood control across the country. The photos of many affected businesses and families are worrying, because of flood soaking, many family property is seriously damaged, especially some wooden household products are deformed because of blisters and can no longer be used, bringing inestimable losses to merchants and families. Because of the long-term study of all-aluminum alloy environmental protection home, he knows the characteristics of aluminum home very well: zero formaldehyde, no benzene, no ammonia, no toxic and harmful volatile gas, no fear of blisters, no deformation, no cracking and durability for 50 years. If these businesses and households used all-aluminum household products, the results would certainly be very different.

Eleka all-aluminum home is just a microcosm of the new West Asia product matrix. The aluminum products produced by the company have been comprehensively extended to school aluminum, hotel aluminum, hospital aluminum, shopping mall aluminum, municipal aluminum and other fields, including road signs, park fences, street lamps and other public facilities. Its industrial chain includes aluminum curtain wall materials, thermal insulation materials, all-aluminum intelligent (smart) household product research and development, design, manufacturing and sales services. Due to the lightweight and beautiful products, before the Spring Festival this year, the company undertook the aluminum veneer exterior decoration of Fancheng Street, Longhu, Chengdu, and the platform aluminum veneer decoration of Kunming Metro Line 4; at the same time, New West Asia also participated in the style transformation project of Wuliangye Avenue in Sichuan, the Jinghan Phoenix project in Banan District of our city, and the aluminum veneer decoration project on the outer wall of Yubei Xiantao data Valley.

With high-quality products to serve the pursuit of high-quality life of modern people, in a large bedroom in the ancient town of Zhongshan in Jiangjin, the head of household Mr. Zheng's bathroom door and ceiling, bathroom cabinets, balcony sliding doors, cabinets, wine cabinets, side cabinets, shoe cabinets. All selected the new Elektra all-aluminum smart (smart) household products. Mr. Zheng, who is also an entrepreneur, said that the products are environmentally friendly, because even when aluminum household products are no longer in use, their aluminum can be recycled, avoiding the waste of resources, which is what moves him most.

Party building leads the strong joint force of condensing innovation and striving for progress.

In the company's internal magazine "House of West Asia", it has set up columns such as "the Voice of Party Building" and "Learning to become a powerful country", so as to facilitate the enterprise team to grasp the major lines, principles and policies of the party and the country, and to guide the scientific and high-quality development of enterprises. Innovation is the core competitiveness of enterprise development. as a high-tech enterprise, New West Asia Aluminum was registered in Jiulongpo District 10 years ago and moved to Degan Industrial Park in Jiangjin District 5 years ago. the company has 3 national invention patents, 43 utility model patents, 14 appearance patents, 6 high-tech products and 2 Chongqing products. Now, whether in families, institutions, hospitals, schools and other places, there are new West Asian products one after another. Liu Bin attributes these to the power of innovation and has worked as an assistant to the general manager of a large aluminum enterprise in our city for many years. Let him pay special attention to scientific and technological investment and innovative research and development.

In the theme education party class, Liu Bin, as secretary of the party branch, personally gave a party lecture, and he stressed that it is necessary to constantly deepen enterprise reform, constantly find problems to make up for deficiencies, and improve the overall management level of the company.

If the enterprise is regarded as a home, the family atmosphere is particularly important. there is also a "Voice of Trade unions" column on "West Asia House". As a "model worker's home" granted by the Municipal Federation of Trade unions, New Asia is also committed to creating a warm family with strong cohesion, strong sense of well-being, unity and progress, and a strong joint force for innovation and progress.

On July 10, the Jiangjin District Federation of Trade unions held an on-site observation and exchange meeting on business training in the New West Asia Aluminum Group. Nearly 100 people, such as the Degan Industrial Park, the Street Office and other trade union federations and trade union chairmen, visited the construction of corporate culture positions, workers' study rooms and model workers' homes. The leaders attending the observation and exchange meeting highly appreciated the achievements made by the New West Asia Aluminum Group in its commitment to trade union construction.

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New West Asia Aluminum

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