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[SMM thread] trading continues to cool down, and the market has entered a tight period.
Jul 15,2020 18:34CST
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Today's rebar period, the current market are to maintain yesterday's flat embarrassing market. In addition to the Nanning market to make up for the decline, spot prices in most areas are basically more stable than yesterday, the situation of shipments is also lukewarm, and there is no bright spot to speak of. [Hangzhou]: the market price was stable this morning. Shagang reported 3670tel 3680 yuan per ton. in Hangzhou rain today, the trend of snails in the superposition period is relatively weak, and the overall market transaction is deserted, mainly wait-and-see. The weakening of the snail around midday dragged down the mainstream transaction price by 10 yuan / ton. The trading atmosphere remained weak, and the transaction was poor throughout the day. [Beijing]: the thread is stable, the resources of Hegang is 3710mur3720 yuan / ton, the plate is stable, and the resources of Hegang is 3790Mur3820 yuan / ton. The transaction is still stable, and the mentality of the mall is stable. [Shanghai]: the spot price of thread is basically stable. At present, the resource of Shagang is 3590 Mel 3600 yuan / ton. Market shipments are worse than yesterday. [Guangzhou]: thread quotation to maintain stability, cold steel 3930tel 3960 yuan / ton, Guangzhou reduced storage for 3 consecutive weeks, confirmed the good release of terminal demand, and the market mentality is also relatively good. [Chengdu]: today's transaction price of Chengdu Weigang is 3720 RMB3740 / ton. According to traders, the deviation in the transaction situation today is mainly affected by the recent rain, which has hindered the construction of the construction site and slowed down the terminal demand. in addition, the current local inventory is high and the current market sentiment is weak, but there are still expectations for demand after the later rainy season.

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