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[overnight market] the three major indexes of US stocks rose across the board and closed lower for non-ferrous metals.
Jul 15,2020 06:08CST
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SMM7 March 15: yesterday, all non-ferrous metals closed down. By the close, Lun Copper fell 0.7%, Lun Al fell 0.44%, Lun Zinc dropped 2.77%, Lunni dropped 0.91%, Lunxi fell 0.55%, and Lunxi fell 1.78%. In the domestic market, shanghai copper fell 0.08%, shanghai aluminum fell 0.89%, shanghai zinc fell 0.99%, shanghai lead fell 0.29%, shanghai nickel fell 0.39%, shanghai tin fell 0.48%, thread dropped 0.37%, and stainless steel fell 0.37%. Shanghai zinc fell the most. SMM believes that under the optimistic background of the capital market, the market hype about the expectation of the peak consumption season has pushed zinc prices back up strongly, but macroscopically, there is still great uncertainty in Sino-US trade relations and the development of the epidemic in the United States. it is necessary to note that China's flood control and flood fighting has entered a critical period, with water levels exceeding records in many places and emergency response rising to level II, paying attention to the impact of the flood season on the start-up of local enterprises.

The dollar index continued to come under pressure, closing down 0.35%. The new crown virus infection is serious, the epidemic in California rebounded, the governor withdrew measures to restart the economy, and the market remained cautious.

In terms of US stocks, the three major indexes rose across the board. By the close, the Dow was up 556.79 points, or 2.13%, at 26642.59; the Nasdaq was up 97.74, or 0.94%, at 10488.58; and the S & P 500 was up 42.3, or 1.34%, at 3197.52. Terry Sandven, chief market strategist at US Bank Wealth Management, said: "We remain optimistic and believe that the stock market will continue to rise until the end of the year. The stock market has been boosted by unproblematic inflation, low interest rates, large-scale monetary and fiscal stimulus measures, and advances in coronavirus drugs and vaccines. "

In terms of crude oil, OPEC released its monthly report on Tuesday, which revised its forecast for global crude oil demand growth from-9.07 million b / d to-8.95 million b / d in 2020. It is expected that crude oil demand growth will return to positive growth in 2021 and hit a record high of 7 million b / d. OPEC crude oil demand is expected to grow by 6 million b / d to 29.8 million b / d in 2021. Us crude rose 1.72 per cent to $40.28 a barrel after hitting an intraday low of $39.07, while Brent August futures rose 1.34 per cent to $45.36.

In terms of precious metals, gold continued its rally yesterday, rising as high as $1810.84 an ounce in intraday trading. With the volatility of the US dollar index falling, the current global epidemic is still grim, especially the average daily increase of new coronal pneumonia cases in the United States in the past six days has exceeded 60,000, Sino-US relations have returned to tension and anxiety, and the monthly inflation rate in the United States has returned to positive growth in June, all of which have helped the gold price to rebound.

In terms of data,

China's trade account in June (100 million yuan), previous value: 4427.5 expected: 4250 announcement: 3289.4

China calculated its trade account in US dollars in June (US $100 million), previous value: 629.3 expected: 591 announcement: 464.2

Germany June CPI monthly rate final value, previous value: 0.6% expected: 0.6% announcement: 0.6%

UK three-month GDP monthly rate in May, previous value:-10.8% expected:-17.4% announcement:-19.1%

UK manufacturing output monthly rate in May, previous value:-24.4% expected: 8% announcement: 8.4%

UK quarterly adjusted merchandise trade account (£100 million) in May, previous value:-48 expected:-81 announcement:-28.05

Monthly rate of UK industrial output in May, previous value:-20.2% expected: 6% announcement: 6%

German ZEW economic climate index for July, previous value: 63.4% expected: 60% published: 59.3%

Euro area ZEW economic climate index for July, previous value: 58.6% expected:-announcement: 59.6

Monthly rate of industrial output in the euro zone in May, previous value:-18.2% expected: 15% announcement: 12.4%

Us June NFIB small Business confidence Index, previous value: 94.4 expected: 97.8 announcement: 100.6

Monthly CPI rate after quarterly adjustment in the United States in June, previous value:-0.1% expected: 0.5% announcement: 0.6%

According to media reports, the US CPI index rebounded in June after three consecutive months of losses as companies reopened, with underlying trends suggesting that inflation will remain flat and allow the Fed to continue to inject capital into the troubled economy. CPI climbed 0.6 per cent in the 12 months to June, following a 0.1 per cent rise in May, the smallest year-on-year increase since September 2015, the Labor Department said on Tuesday.

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