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Notice of Qian'an City on closing and banning Mines
Jul 13,2020 13:31CST
Source:Website of Qian'an Municipal people's Government
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SMM: in accordance with the notice of the General Office of Hebei Provincial Government on forwarding the Action Plan for Comprehensive Mine Management in Hebei Province (Jizheng Office (2020) No. 75), The notice of Tangshan Municipal Government Office on transmitting the implementation Plan of Comprehensive Mine Management in Tangshan City (Tang Zhengban word (2020) No. 61) and the letter on issuing the list of Comprehensive Mine Management by the Department of Natural Resources of Hebei Province (Ji Natural Resources letter (2020) No. 308) and other document requirements, Three mining enterprises, including Dashihe Mining area of Dashihe Iron Mine, Shougang Mining Co., Ltd., Qian'an, were included in the list of closure due to the depletion of resources. 12 mines, including the Warehouse Ying cement material Plant, Yejituo Town, Qian'an City, failed to pass the inspection and acceptance of environmental regulation in Tangshan City.

On June 30th, Qianan Municipal people's Government made a decision on closing and banning 15 mining enterprises, including Dashihe Mining area of Dashihe Iron Mine of Shougang Mining Company (Qianzhifa (2020) 27), and decided to close and ban the above-mentioned mining enterprises. (attached list of closing and banning mining enterprises)

It is hereby announced.

Qian'an Municipal people's Government

July 10, 2020

1. Dashihe Mining area of Dashihe Iron Mine, Shougang Mining Co., Ltd.

2. Qian'an Malanzhuang Mengjiagou Zhendong Magnetic Separator

3. Beima Iron Mine, Sifang Company, Malanzhuang Town, Qian'an City

4. Qianan Yejituo Town Warehouse Ying cement material Factory

5. Xinsheng basalt Mine in Qian'an City

6. Dolomite Mine of Hebei Xinda Mining Group Co., Ltd.

7. Guoming quarrying Factory, Taipingzhuang Township, Qian'an City

8. Xinglong Iron Mine, Qian'an City

9. De Silver Iron Mine, Malanzhuang Town, Qian'an City

10. Xinyi Iron Mine, Qian'an City

Qianan Xixiakou Shuiquan Iron Separation Plant

Qianan Jiahe Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

13. Qianan Dongxing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

14. Jinjiang Iron Mine in Qian'an City

15. Qian'an Shenlongxia Iron Mine Co., Ltd.

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