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A list of suppliers of BYD Han Core parts
Jul 13,2020 10:22CST
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SMM: on the evening of July 12, BYD Han officially announced the price of the new car, with a total of four models, including three pure electric models and one plug-in hybrid model, with a subsidized price of 21.98-279500 yuan. The pure electric model will be divided into two mileage versions, with a maximum mileage of 605km.

In terms of price, BYD Han is the second dynasty model with more than 200000 cut after BYD after Tang. At the same time, it is also the first high-end pure electric car under BYD. In addition, BYD Han is the first model launched by BYD after it split the core components business of new energy.

According to data, in March this year, BYD announced that it would split the parts business and set up Fudi Battery Co., Ltd., Fudi Vision Co., Ltd., Fudi Technology Co., Ltd., Fudi Power Co., Ltd. Among them, BYD Han is the first mass-produced model equipped with the blade battery of Fudi Battery Co., Ltd., which also gives Han's birth a deeper mission.

Focus on the strong supporters behind BYD's various technologies and configurations, excluding BYD and Fudi, the others are supplied by Bosch, Zaifu, Fogia, Breber, Fuyao Glass and other international mainstream parts suppliers. at the same time, there are also technology endorsements from domestic technology companies such as Desai Xiwei and Xunfei of the University of Science and Technology. What technologies or configurations do so many industry giants correspond to in BYD? In order to better understand this new car, Galaxy has collected and sorted out the information of BYD Han's core parts suppliers. More friends in the industry are welcome to supplement and correct the information.

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