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Yunnan Copper and Zinc Industry: 137% of the progress target of realizing the combined profit of more than 7400 yuan.
Jul 10,2020 16:16CST
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SMM Network News: in the first half of the year, under the circumstances of the continuous decline in zinc ingot prices affected by the epidemic, all cadres and workers in Yunnan Copper and Zinc Industry, while implementing the work of preventing and controlling the epidemic, through measures to reduce costs and increase efficiency, strictly control various costs, prevent market risks, and do a solid job in production and operation, safety, environmental protection and quality. By the end of June, Yuntong Zinc Industry had achieved a combined profit of more than 7400 million yuan, 137% of the progress target and 68% of the annual target. The asset-liability ratio and cost-to-cost ratio indicators have achieved the annual target, and achieved good results of more than half of the time and more than half of the task.

In terms of special work, in the first half of the year, with the cooperation of various departments, the company issued a trial version of the 2020 quality improvement and efficiency plan, and timely follow-up feedback every month according to the company's quality improvement goals and measures. Summarize and analyze the progress and effectiveness of various measures, and report to relevant departments and personnel, so that company leaders and relevant departments can timely understand the progress and effectiveness of quality improvement and efficiency work. Thanks to the joint efforts of all the cadres and workers of the company, in the first half of the year, the improvement of quality and efficiency achieved a total of more than 4400 yuan, and achieved the progress target of 177%.

According to the requirements of the 2020 cost reduction and efficiency work plan of Chihong zinc and germanium, and combined with the actual situation, the company revised and issued the official version of the 2020 quality improvement and efficiency plan on June 23, and continued to organize and implement the packing work. efforts will be made to reduce the cost and increase efficiency of 150 yuan per ton of zinc for the whole year.

At the same time, the second branch of the organ is fully implementing the arrangements for the work of the party committee of the company, adhering to the deep integration of party building and professional work, and actively carrying out activities such as "two learning and one doing", "two belts and two innovations", "no accidents around party members" and "double promotion". Guide party members to strive for excellence and overcome difficulties, solidly promote the education on the theme of "never forget the original mind and remember the mission", and carry out party style, clean government and anti-corruption work as required. Closely integrated with production and operation, the branch plays a role as a fighting fortress, insisting on strengthening the education of party members, improving the quality of service, and deepening the ability of innovation.

While striving to overcome the adverse effects of the Xinguan pneumonia epidemic, the Finance Department will closely focus on the general idea of "first-class standards, open up ideas and seek development", unswervingly grasp the current production and operation, and carry out all-factor benchmarking, starting with fine management, budget management, and scientific and technological innovation to ensure the smooth completion of business objectives for the whole year.

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