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[SMM selenium spot Weekly Review] Copper factory bidding for crude selenium succeeded in stabilizing the mainstream price of diselenide (2020.7.6mur2020.7.10)
Jul 10,2020 13:24CST
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The trend of selenium price is cautious this week, refined selenium is facing demand pressure, and the price is weaker; the transaction price of diselenide is still stable; crude selenium is traded one after another during the week.

Today, the transaction price of SMM99.9% selenium powder is 95mur120 yuan / kg, 99.9% selenium ingot transaction price is 100mur125 yuan / kg, both are 5 yuan / kg lower than last Friday; crude selenium transaction price is 58mur70 yuan / kg, selenium dioxide transaction price is 57Muth62 yuan / kg, the average price is the same as last week's pre-festival.

In terms of selenium powder: 99.9% of the foreign media sold selenium powder at 6.3Mel 7.75 US dollars per pound, the price was the same as last week. The overseas selenium powder market is generally stable, although the downstream demand is similar to that at home is not ideal, but overseas manufacturers mostly maintain relatively stable prices rather than eager to reduce prices. Recently, China's selenium powder import CIF prices slightly downward, mainly due to the pressure of domestic and foreign sales prices. There is little change in the domestic selenium powder market, and most of the large manufacturers buy periodically according to orders, and the current bargaining power is relatively strong, and the transaction price of refined selenium in the domestic market shows a downward trend. Up to now, the mainstream transaction price of domestic 99.9% selenium powder is 955,100 yuan / kg, while the price of imported 99.9% selenium powder is concentrated in 105Mel 120 yuan / kg.

Selenium: Tianyuan manganese industry in the market inquiry and pre-procurement news has been in the past half a month, the market is looking forward to a rational return to the downstream manufacturers. Despite the impact of this incident, the recent low price of electrolytic manganese and the decline in the operating rate in July and August are expected to still put a lot of pressure on domestic diselenide sales. Of course, the stable price of crude selenium raw materials is still injecting support to the market, and the prices of selenite holders are still strong. This week's transaction price is mainly in the range of 58mur60 yuan / kg. At present, domestic manganese factories keep more or less raw material inventory, but according to SMM research, the domestic operating rate of electrolytic manganese will still decline in late July, so there is no sign of improvement in demand for the time being.

This week, two mainstream copper enterprises successively invited bids for crude selenium and successively sold crude selenium ranging from 20 to 30 tons at the prices of 59 yuan / kg and 58 yuan / kg. This price is 4 yuan / kg lower than their last bid price, which is basically in line with the current price environment of the market.

The price of raw materials is stable. SMM believes that selenium products, which are at historically low prices, have limited downside space. The "bonding period" that will be encountered in any product market can remain unchanged.

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