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The Ministry of Ecology and Environment examined and approved in principle the Plan for the Common Protection of the Ecological Environment in the Yangtze River Delta region.
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The meeting pointed out that the development of regional integration in the Yangtze River Delta is a national strategy. As an important demonstration area and leading area for national regional coordinated development and green development, the Yangtze River Delta region has made positive progress in the joint protection of ecological environment, but there is still a big gap between the improvement of ecological environment quality and the needs of the people. It is necessary to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's thinking on ecological civilization, and regard the coordinated promotion of the common protection and high-quality development of the ecological environment in the Yangtze River Delta as the key work at present and in the future. efforts should be made to create a leading demonstration area for the integrated protection of the regional ecological environment, the modernization of the ecological environment governance system and capacity, and the construction of a beautiful China, and explore a new path of regional linkage, division of labor and cooperation, and coordinated promotion. Set a new benchmark for green development.

The meeting demanded that the battle for the prevention and control of pollution has reached its final stage, and the vast number of cadres and workers of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment should implement the "eight leading points and set an example" and the "six necessities", take the initiative to set standards and tables, and find the right positions. we will comprehensively promote the completion of various tasks of ecological environment protection during the 13th five-year Plan. It is necessary to raise the political position, always regard winning the battle against pollution prevention and control as the "great man of the country" in the minds of the ecological and environmental departments, and put the enhancement of the "four consciousness", the firm "four self-confidence", and the "two maintenance" into practical actions. it is reflected in the effectiveness of improving the quality of the ecological environment and in serving the overall situation of economic and social development. It is necessary to strictly enforce work style and discipline, prevent the emergence of relief, rest, passability, and similar laziness, and resolutely implement the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. It is necessary to enhance our working ability, learn new knowledge, master new skills, strive to be experts, enhance our comprehensive ability and control ability, dare to deal with complex situations, and be good at discovering and solving outstanding problems in winning the war on pollution prevention and control. It is necessary to improve the working mechanism for the comprehensive dispatching and analysis of the ecological environment situation and ecological environment business, further strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen the overall planning of business dispatching, do a good job in analysis and evaluation, and effectively promote all key tasks of the year in an orderly and effective manner.

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