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[SMM thread] spot continues to rise, but the trading atmosphere has cooled.
Jul 9,2020 18:20CST
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SMM7 on March 9: the main snail opened high and left low, nearing the close of trading, closing up 1.31%. The spot market quotation rose for the fifth day in a row, with each market rising 20 cents and 40 yuan per ton. However, affected by the weakening of the snail in intraday trading, the trading atmosphere was cooler than yesterday.

[Hangzhou]: it showed a rising and falling trend throughout the day, up 20 cents in the morning, but affected by the high opening and low going of the period snail, the trading mood weakened, the midday quotation was loose, Shagang 3660 house price 3670 yuan / ton, the snail rose again in late trading, the spot rose back to the morning price, Shagang 3680mur3690 yuan / ton, the whole-day low price transaction was general, the terminal pick-up enthusiasm was low, the speculative demand was slightly released, and the terminal demand was mainly wait-and-see.

[Beijing]: the thread is stable, and the resources of Hegang are reported at 3710, 3720 yuan / ton. The transaction is not smooth, and if there is a small drop, there is a certain transaction, and the overall transaction situation is slightly weaker than yesterday.

[Shanghai]: the spot price of thread is raised by 10mur20 yuan / ton, Shagang is quoted at 3590Mel 3610 yuan / ton, and the price of pan snail Shagang is 3840mur3,860 yuan / ton. the transaction is general, and speculative demand continues to sell slightly.

[Guangzhou]: thread quotation is up 40 yuan / ton, cold steel 3890mur3900 yuan / ton, the actual transaction needs to be slightly reduced, pan snail up 20 yuan / ton, Wangang 3810 house 3820 yuan / ton, the trading atmosphere is slightly cooler than yesterday, the shipment volume is normal.

[Chengdu]: today, the first-class resources in Sichuan and Chongqing have generally increased by 50 yuan per ton, and the market quotation has been raised synchronously, with an increase of about 20mur40 yuan. Weigang reported 3720 Muth3740 yuan per ton, mainly at low prices within the range, and the overall transaction is mediocre.

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