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[brief Review of Zinc in SMM period] Zinc in the period driven by buying funds rose by 4.37%.
Jul 9,2020 16:16CST
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SMM7 March 9 News: within the day, the main 2008 contract of Shanghai zinc opened at 17360 yuan / ton, part of the funds at the beginning of the market stopped earnings and left the market, and zinc was expected to fluctuate in a narrow range around 17400 yuan / ton, followed by buying funds to enter the market again, zinc concussion went higher again to refresh the high to 17640 yuan / ton, and fell slightly at the end of the market. The final closing price rose to 17540 yuan / ton, up 735 yuan / ton, or 4.37%. The trading volume increased by 97173 lots to 263000 lots, and the position increased by 594 lots and 92668 lots for children. Zinc in the future recorded a large positive pillar to fill the gap in the early stage, and the Shanghai Zinc Index increased its position by another 6726 hands in the day, the performance continued to be strong, the current market optimism continued to ferment, and the expectation of weakening fundamentals in the short and medium term was ignored by the market. Supported by strong buying confidence based on valuation repair, it is expected that zinc in the evening will try to fill the gap completely.


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