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It is more convenient to charge. Alipay has covered 95% of the charging piles.
Jul 9,2020 10:42CST
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SMM News: when charging can be as convenient as refueling is probably the greatest expectation of many electric car owners. Ali and other giants enter the game, so that expectations are just around the corner. On July 8, Alipay released the latest data, which covers 95% of the national charging pile network. Through the sesame credit score, users do not need to recharge, they can recharge directly.

In 2019, Alipay launched the "Ant charging" mini program, aggregating a number of charging pile platforms. At present, special calls, star charging, interbank technology, fast power and other charging service platforms have been connected to Alipay. Electric car owners do not need another pile of App, to open Alipay to use the vast majority of charging piles.

Like other Alibaba services, Ant charging is also connected to Alipay's risk control system. Users through the sesame credit score audit, you can directly use the charging service, recharge and then pay, do not need to recharge first.

According to the data of China Electric charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance, the total number of charging piles in China has exceeded 1.267 million. After the state put forward the call for new infrastructure, the number of charging piles is still growing rapidly.

In the early years, the charging pile platforms were separate arrays, and the applications could not be shared with each other. A car owner needed to download multiple applications. Nowadays, it is a trend to communicate between platforms. On July 4, the special call announced that it would be connected to Star charging, State Grid and Southern Power Grid charging piles. The immediate convenience for car owners is that they no longer need to download a bunch of apps.

In the long run, platform integration can reverse the charging pile enterprises and improve the level of technology and service. With the increase of the number of charging piles, the requirements of car owners for charging piles have changed from "sufficient" to "easy to use". Within the aggregation platform, the car owner knows at a glance which charging piles are nearby. Those piles with faster charging and lower prices will naturally be more favored by car owners.

Only through competition can charging be as convenient as refueling one day. The entry of a giant like Ali will make it more convenient for electric car owners.

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