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[SMM thread] is now making great strides up, and the trading is hot.
Jul 8,2020 17:59CST
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SMM7 March 8 News: last night, the main snail driven by a strong iron ore, pulled up sharply, today maintained in a high shock, the spot market across the country rose, an average increase of about 20Mel 40 yuan / ton. The transaction is hot, speculation and terminal demand go hand in hand, and the market mentality is obviously boosted.

[Hangzhou]: the price quoted in the early trading rose 30mur40 yuan / ton, Shagang mainstream reported 3640Mel 3650 yuan / ton, traders tentatively raised the price, the high price in early trading was general, and the transaction was relatively stable. Snail noodles continued to strengthen in the afternoon, market speculative demand was greatly released, some companies and traders received a large number of goods, and the mainstream transaction price was raised again by 10tel 20 yuan / ton, Shagang was reported at 3660ft 3680 yuan / ton, and there were also transactions at high prices. The overall all-day deal is better, and the afternoon deal is hot.

[Beijing]: the thread is raised by 10 won 20 yuan / ton, the resources of Heshan Steel is reported to be 3710 mi 3720 yuan / ton, the pan snail is up 10 yuan / ton, and the quoted price of Heshan Steel Resources is 3770 Mel 3820 yuan / ton. Stable shipments are not much different from those of yesterday.

[Shanghai]: the spot price of screw thread has been raised by 30mur40 yuan / ton, the current spot Shagang resource is quoted to 3570mur3590 yuan / ton, and the plate snail Shagang price is quoted at 3820Mel 3840 yuan / ton. Today, the inquiry is hot, the merchants with sufficient inventory have done well, and the low-cost resources have stimulated some speculative demand.

[Guangzhou]: the quotation of thread has gone up 40 mures 50 yuan / ton, cold steel 3850 Mel 3860 yuan / ton, pan snail up 20 Mel 30 yuan / ton, Wangang 3800 Mill 3810 yuan / ton, the transaction is hot, and individual merchants cherish the psychology of selling.

[Chengdu]: today, the price of threaded Weigang is up 10mur20 yuan / ton, and the market quotation is about 3700mur3710 yuan / ton. the market buying sentiment recovers, speculative demand is emerging, and the trading atmosphere is better.

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