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Chinalco Luoyang Copper processing was unveiled at the Munich (Shanghai) Electronics Show!
Jul 8,2020 10:57CST
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In 2020, the special way of communication made us choose the platform of Munich (Shanghai) Electronics Show to meet, meet and intersect.

The epidemic failed to stop customers, who looked for solutions with long-accumulated material questions. Luoyang copper processing is full of plan bags, there is always one that belongs to you.

More than 300 customers come to visit, more than 150 customers present business cards, and more than 20 customers come a long way to attend the appointment.

The surprise of the encounter: "Luo Tong is also here, come and have a look!"

The old friend went to the appointment: "this place is too big. It's so hard to find you!"

The leaders of China Copper attached great importance to the exhibition work of copper processing enterprises, and the vice president came to the scene to offer condolences to the staff and inspect the layout of the booths.

When peers meet, there is competition and cooperation. We pledge to have a foothold in the world, look at the world, and work hand in hand to make China's copper processing stronger, better, bigger, and make a sound in the world!

Together, let us feel more grateful, look forward to the future, shoulder more responsibility, feel more value, and strengthen the direction of our innovative materials.

Customer demand is always our power battery!

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Luoyang copper processing

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