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[SMM thread] the spot rose slightly for three days in a row, and the transaction situation in each market was divided.
Jul 7,2020 19:12CST
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SMM7 on March 7: the main force of the snail continued to be strong and volatile, closing up 0.53%. Markets across the country continued to rise steadily by 10 million yuan per ton. As of today, the average price of threads across the country has increased by about 30 yuan. In terms of transactions, the market trading that has not been affected by precipitation is relatively good, while there is more precipitation in the Yangtze River area, including relatively weak market trading in East China and Southwest China. Affected by the college entrance examination today, the construction of some construction sites in urban areas is restricted, slowing down procurement demand, resulting in weaker transactions in some markets than yesterday. [Hangzhou]: the price quoted in early trading is up 10 won 20 yuan / ton, and the mainstream price of Shagang is 3610 won 3620 yuan / ton. traders tentatively raise the price, the market acceptance deviation, the high price is not smooth, the afternoon quotation is stable and weak, Shagang mainstream 3610 yuan / ton, the price of second-and third-tier resources is relatively low, the transaction is better than the first-line resources, and the transaction is generally deviated throughout the day. [Beijing]: the thread is temporarily stable, 3680mur3700 yuan / ton in Hegang, 10 yuan / ton in pan snail, 3760Mel 3790 yuan / ton in Hegang, the shipment is close to normal quantity, and the terminal purchase is stable. [Shanghai]: the spot price of thread is raised by 10 murals 20 yuan / ton, Shagang 3530 Mel 3540 yuan / ton, and Panluo Shagang 3,780 Mel 3,800 yuan / tonne. The transaction is light, and the hidden drop in shipments is relatively good, but it is also far below the normal quantity. [Guangzhou]: the thread quotation is pushed up by the steel mill, which is increased by 30Mul 40 yuan / ton, cold steel 3790Mel 3830 yuan / ton, pan snail up 10mur20 yuan / ton, Wangang 3760Muth3770 yuan / ton, benefiting from the strong terminal demand, the transaction is still good after the rise. [Chengdu]: the quotation of Thread Weigang is stable, and the market price is 3690mur3,700 yuan / ton. affected by college entrance examination and rain, terminal site operations are affected, procurement slows down, and some merchants report that shipments turn weak.

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