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[SMM thread] the current price resonates upward, and the demand release is stable and good.
Jul 6,2020 18:54CST
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SMM7 March 6: the main snail in this issue was strong and fluctuating, closing up 3618 by 0.42%. Markets across the country rose steadily by 10 RMB30 / ton. Individual cities, such as Nanning in Guangxi and Changsha in Hunan, were affected by the rise of steel mills. In terms of trading, boosted by futures, market sentiment eased, and the overall transaction was OK. However, the performance varies from region to region-the epidemic in the north is improving, and the performance of terminal demand is relatively better; rain in East and Central China is still a drag on demand release, and low-price trading is OK. [Hangzhou]: early offer to maintain stability, Shagang 3590Mel 3600 yuan / ton, this Hangzhou showers, the market transaction is deserted, considering the weather factors, even if the demand is poor, but the quotation of traders remains strong, the overall trading deviation throughout the day, some terminals just need to pick up goods. [Beijing]: thread is stable, Hegang reported 3680, 3690 yuan / ton, pan snail stable, Hegang resources quoted to 3740, 3770 yuan / ton. With the epidemic under control, the current high-risk area in Beijing is only Fengtai District, site demand has also recovered, and the overall transaction performance is still good. [Shanghai]: spot prices of screw threads are basically stable, with individual resources slightly reduced by about 10 yuan, Shagang 3,520 murals 3540 yuan / ton, and snail Shagang 3770Mel 3790 yuan / ton. Today's torrential rain in Shanghai affects terminal procurement, and the transaction at a low price is relatively good. [Guangzhou]: the price of thread is increased by about 10mur20 yuan / ton, cold steel is quoted at 3750m / t, and Panluo Wangang is quoted at 3740mur3750 / ton. The release of demand continued to be good and the transaction was smooth. [Chengdu]: today, the threaded Weigang is up 10 murals 20 yuan / ton, and the market quotation is 3690 Meltel 3700 yuan / ton. the high price is not smooth, but the low price is OK. Due to the poor transportation of the surrounding construction site affected by rain, there is a running single phenomenon.

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