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Come on! Luotong builds a global network of Beidou satellites.
Jul 6,2020 11:49CST
Source:Official website of China Copper Industry
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On June 23, the Chang3B carrier rocket carrying the 55th Beidou navigation satellite was successfully launched. when the exciting news came, Luotong people were very excited. Luoyang Copper processed the high conductivity and high temperature resistant copper alloy material independently developed by Luoyang Copper. It was used in the Chang3B carrier rocket engine to meet the mission requirements, excellent performance, to the force! The hard work and sweat paid by Luotong people to build a dream space is worth it!

Luotong people have many years of cooperation experience with aerospace. As a domestic enterprise that develops high temperature resistant materials for aerospace engines, in order to achieve the goal of ensuring supply and meet the needs of space launch, the company has repeatedly organized analysis and demonstration and progress assurance responsibility implementation meetings, and engineers and technicians rely on their professional and technical capabilities. bravely shoulder the burden of research and development. In the absence of ready-made technical standards and process parameters, technicians went deep into the workshop to conduct multiple rounds of tests on the effects of melting and casting, material processing and element content on material properties. The requirements of product quality are high, the technical difficulty is great, and the rate of finished products in the early stage is relatively low, so we concentrate our efforts on organizing and tackling key problems and go all out to ensure the foolproof of product quality and the effective implementation of the plan. After three years of painstaking research and development, Luoyang copper processing has finally mastered the key technologies such as composition control, determined the alloy composition and the best production process of high-performance materials, and formed the batch production capacity of alloy materials. to meet the needs of high-performance copper alloy materials for aerospace engines in China.

In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of national high-thrust and high-performance aerospace engines, Luoyang copper processing continues to strengthen research and development, constantly improve the comprehensive performance of materials, and formulate strict product enterprise standards and production process procedures. With the joint efforts of researchers, the developed high-performance aerospace engine materials have been tested by users to meet the requirements of high-performance engines. "the upgrading of products is both a challenge and a driving force for material R & D personnel." Niu Liye, head of the project, said.

Cast the heavy weapon of a big country and serve the country with industry. As a leader in the research and development of materials in the copper processing industry, Luoyang Copper processing will continue to be based on science and technology, take innovation as the driving force, and strive to break through the core technological bottleneck for national rejuvenation. (Xu limin)

Luo Tong

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