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Forecast of Today's Financial data: euro area releases monthly Retail sales rate in May
Jul 6,2020 00:01CST
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SMM7 June 6: today focuses on the monthly retail sales rate of May in the euro zone and the non-manufacturing PMI of ISM in June.

In terms of data,

The euro zone's July Sentix investor confidence index, a leading indicator of economic health, is compiled into an index to measure the future direction of the economy through a survey of the future economic expectations of well-informed investors and analysts.

The monthly rate of retail sales in the euro zone in May, including sub-indices for food, textiles and household use, has been released on a monthly basis since 2001 and reduced on a 1995-based basis. Is the primary tool to measure consumer spending, and consumer spending is the most important part of overall economic activity.

The ISM non-manufacturing PMI, of the United States in June is an important data released by the American Institute of supply Management (the Institute for Supply Management). It is an index that examines the situation of non-manufacturing industries in terms of production, new orders, commodity prices, inventory, employees, order delivery, new export orders and imports to describe the trend of the economy.

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