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[SMM thread] is stronger now, and the spot trading atmosphere is getting warmer.
Jul 3,2020 19:06CST
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SMM7 March 3: last night, the market heard the news that Tangshan leaders led a team to supervise the production restriction and suspension of steel mills, which stimulated last night's rally, which rose by more than 1%. Today, it has remained at a high level, and today's spot market sentiment has also been boosted. Speculative demand has been greatly increased, terminal purchases on demand, and all-day low-price transactions. [Hangzhou]: it rose about 10 yuan in early trading, and Shagang reported 3590 Mel 3600 yuan per ton. stimulated by rumors of environmental protection production restrictions in Tangshan, traders tentatively raised prices, but due to general acceptance on the demand side, price increases were limited, low prices were mainly traded, speculative demand showed some performance, terminal demand was stable, and all-day transactions were more favorable than yesterday. [Beijing]: thread is stable, Heshan steel resources (20-22mm) is reported to 3680mur3690 yuan / ton, pan snail is stable, Hegang resources 3740mur3770 yuan / ton. It is OK to ship goods about 10 yuan lower than the mainstream price. [Shanghai]: the spot price of screw thread has been raised by 10 won 20 yuan per ton, Shagang resources 3530 RMB 3540 yuan per ton, and pan snail Shagang 3770 RMB3790 yuan per ton. Morning low-price trading is good, speculative demand accounts for a relatively large, all-day transaction is OK. [Guangzhou]: the thread quotation is stable, the cold steel price is 3740mur3760 yuan / ton, the plate snail is weak and stable, and the Wangang quotation is 3730mur3750 yuan / ton. Transaction performance is good, terminal and speculative demand have volume. [Chengdu]: today, the spiral steel is stable, the price limit of the steel mill is about 3680 yuan / ton, the quotation of resources that dropped more in the early stage has been moved up to about 20 yuan, and the trading atmosphere has become warmer. Because the inventory of some businesses is still high, the willingness of the merchants to eat goods is not strong.

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