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A-share non-ferrous plate collectively broke out 79 shares floating red, only 9 shares fell slightly
Jul 3,2020 11:59CST
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SMM7 March 3 News: today, the non-ferrous metal A-share plate collectively strengthened, 79 stocks only 9 stocks fell almost flat. Among them, Zhuye Group rose by the daily limit for the second day in a row, Huayu Mining, Industrial Mining and Silver non-ferrous trading hit the limit, and the share price of China Mineral Resources rose for four consecutive days, up 5.22%.

Prior to the central bank's decision to cut re-lending and rediscount interest rates from July 1, the news gave a positive boost to the market. The domestic epidemic has been brought under control, enterprises have returned to work and production, and the manufacturing industry has recovered steadily. According to the Bureau of Statistics, the PMI of China's manufacturing industry was 50.9% in June, up 0.3 percentage points from the previous month. Overall, the macro mood has improved, driving the non-ferrous metal plate stronger.

The share price of China Mineral Resources rose for four consecutive days:

According to Wang Pingwei, chairman and president of China Mineral Resources Corporation, the company's lithium salt business also has a good market reputation, and the battery-grade LiF is sold to Morita Chemical in Japan, becoming a member of Tesla's global supply chain. In addition, the company's lithium customers also include Shanshan shares, Tianji shares, Jizhong Energy, Bikang Pharmaceutical and other A-share listed companies. With stable product quality and effective cost control measures, the company has become one of the three main battery-level LiF suppliers in China.

In the field of cesium-rubidium salt business, the company has accumulated a large number of high-quality customer resources, such as BASF in Germany, Bangtai in Germany, Topso in Denmark, Iwatani in Japan, Halliburton in the United States, DuPont in the United States, Sinopec, and so on. These customers are either top 500 enterprises in the world, or global leaders in their respective industries, with strict quality control standards for their global supply chains and high entry barriers. Once cooperation begins, Long-term stability will be the common expectation of both sides.

In terms of cesium resources, up to now, there are only economically recoverable cesium resources in Zimbabwe's Bikita mine and Canada's Tanco mine, the company has 100% interest in Tanco mine and the exclusive agency of Bikita mine in China; Tanco mine contains tantalum resources, while the company has beryllium mining rights in Zambia, the company's geological prospecting team is studying tantalum and beryllium ore geological exploration plans and drawing up exploration plans.

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