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Special Action Plan for Digital Transformation of Iron and Steel Industry in Hebei Province (2020-2022)
Jul 2,2020 11:20CST
Source:Hebei Development and Reform Commission
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SMM News: a few days ago, Hebei issued a notice on the issuance of the "Special Action Plan for the Digital Transformation of the Iron and Steel Industry in Hebei Province (2020-2022)". The details are as follows:

The Development and Reform Commission (Bureau) of all municipalities (including Dingzhou and Xinji), the Reform and Development Bureau of Xiongan New area, and the relevant departments of the province:

In order to implement the spirit of the document "Digital economy Development Plan of Hebei Province (2020-2025)", our committee has formulated the "Special Action Plan for Digital Transformation of Iron and Steel Industry in Hebei Province (2020-2022)". The action plan has been approved by the provincial government and is now issued to you. Please follow it.

Special Action Plan for Digital Transformation of Iron and Steel Industry in Hebei Province (2020-2022)

In order to implement the spirit of the Digital economy Development Plan of Hebei Province (2020-2025), promote the transformation and upgrading of the iron and steel industry, speed up the high-quality development of the industry, and speed up the pace of building a strong province of iron and steel, formulate this action plan.

I. realistic basis and facing situation

The iron and steel industry in our province has a strong foundation and a complete industrial chain, which is a key industry with international competitiveness. Accelerating the digital transformation based on automation of production process, informationization of operation and management and intelligent decision control is an important path choice to create new competitive advantages of the province's iron and steel industry and achieve high-quality development.

(1) the present situation of development. In recent years, the iron and steel industry in our province has conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, resolutely, actively adjusted, and accelerated the turn. while the iron and steel industry is "slimming and healthy", the level of informationization, digitalization and intelligence has also been significantly improved. First, production automation has been widely used in iron and steel enterprises, the single machine and single furnace management system of ironmaking process has been continuously optimized and upgraded, and the rolling speed and accuracy of continuous casting and rolling process have been significantly improved. Second, the rapid improvement of the information level of large enterprises, MES manufacturing execution system, ERP management system and energy management center, environmental protection and emission control integrated system, OA collaborative management system and quality tracking management system, electronic trading center, merchant platform management system and other information framework has been initially established, and the integration of the two has been further promoted. Third, the digital construction of key enterprises has been accelerated, digital sensing equipment has been arranged in temperature measurement and sampling processes, and some progress has been made in the construction of digital workshops, and some relocated enterprises have begun to plan and build first-class digital model factories. Fourth, the pilot demonstration of intelligent application in leading enterprises has shown initial results. Enterprises such as Shougang Qiangang, Shougang Jingtang, Heshan Steel and other enterprises actively carry out the construction of intelligent workshop and intelligent factory pilot demonstration projects. it has played a leading and exemplary role in shortening the R & D cycle, reducing operating costs, improving production efficiency, standardizing management order, and improving product quality consistency. At present, the integration index of the iron and steel industry has reached 53.6%, the numerical control rate of key processes has reached 70.9%, and the digitization rate of production equipment has reached 49.8%. Eight digital workshops have been built in our province. Hegang, Hangang, Tanggang, Le Steel and other enterprises have all set up data centers, and 9 enterprises have achieved Shangyun. Hegang Group has released the independently developed version 4.0 Weshare industrial Internet platform.

(2) the existing problems. Although the iron and steel industry in our province has made remarkable progress in basic automation, process automation and management informatization, which has laid a good foundation for digitization and intelligence of the iron and steel industry, there are still many difficulties and problems. One is the lack of cooperation in equipment automation. The equipment automation design mainly considers the internal demand of the equipment, and is relatively closed to the outside, especially some high-end equipment is provided by foreign suppliers, and there are some restrictive factors, such as core technology protection, expansibility, compatibility and so on. there are many "information isolated islands" in the whole production process. Second, the enterprise information integration is insufficient. The level of enterprise information construction and application is uneven. Although some enterprises generally use information technology in the process of procurement, production, sales, research and development, it is difficult to achieve vertical integration of information resources in various links. It is difficult to improve the overall management level of the enterprise. Third, the intelligent application is in the primary stage. On the whole, the iron and steel work in our province is in the popularization stage of "Industry 3.0". There is a lack of understanding of the systematic complexity of "Industry 4.0" with digital intelligence as the main body, and the automation of high-end CNC equipment is one-sidedly understood as intelligence. the development and utilization of the corresponding software system lags behind. Fourth, there are many restrictive factors in digital transformation. The industry digitization starts late, lacks the authoritative data standard, the data format difference is big, the compatibility is insufficient. The ability of data security is insufficient, and enterprises have great concerns. The ability of innovation is low, and the foundation of digital transformation of information infrastructure and manufacturing industry is relatively weak. The cognitive ability and management level need to be improved, and there is a certain resistance and strong fear of difficulties to the changes brought about by the digital transformation, such as the flattening of management, the transparency of production and operation and so on.

(3) facing the situation. As the task of eliminating production capacity of the iron and steel industry in the province is nearing completion, the iron and steel industry has gradually entered a new stage of quality and benefit adjustment from large-scale adjustment. The competition among iron and steel enterprises is no longer simply the competition of cost and price, but also the competition of efficiency, quality and service, especially under the influence of the new crown epidemic, the development of new forms of e-commerce online shopping and online services is speeding up. The digital transformation of the iron and steel industry ushered in new opportunities. First, the state and provinces have issued a series of policies and measures to support the development of the digital economy, and the policy dividend will be further released, which will help to promote the process of digital transformation of the iron and steel industry. Second, the implementation of major projects such as relocation, transformation and upgrading of the iron and steel industry facilitates the digital reengineering of production equipment and technological processes, and provides a new opportunity for the construction of a world-class information, digital and intelligent application platform. Third, the personalized needs of users are growing day by day, and the inherent nature of "large-scale and standardization" in the iron and steel industry has changed to the new demand of "small batch and multi-variety". Digital transformation will become an important way to rely on. Fourth, the "new infrastructure" has been launched and the construction of information intelligence facilities has been accelerated. Information intelligence technologies such as 5G, AI and cloud computing have provided new technical support for the digital transformation and upgrading of the traditional iron and steel industry.

While facing many opportunities, there are also great challenges in the digital transformation of the iron and steel industry, not only to overcome the difficulties such as long manufacturing process, many working procedures and large volume of equipment in the iron and steel industry, but also to break through the bottleneck of the key core technology. in particular, to break the technology monopoly of multinational corporations in high-end intelligence, time is urgent and the task is arduous, which requires overall planning and strong promotion.

II. Overall requirements and objectives and tasks

(1) guiding ideology. Adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's thought of Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the New era, thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the second, third and fourth Plenary sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, adhere to the general tone of seeking progress in stability, adhere to the new concept of development, adhere to the supply-side structural reform as the main line, adhere to reform and opening up as the driving force to promote high-quality development, unswervingly eliminate production capacity, adjust the structure, promote transformation, and accelerate the digital transformation of the iron and steel industry. Vigorously promote in-depth integration with information technology, constantly improve the level of intelligence, provide continuous power for the iron and steel industry to move towards the global industrial chain, value chain and high-end supply chain, and provide strong support for building a well-off society in an all-round way.

(2) basic principles

-the main body of the market and the guidance of the government. Give full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises in digital transformation, strengthen government guidance, adhere to norms and standards, and promote the development and utilization of data resources as a whole.

-advance planning and echelon advance. Strengthen the top-level design of enterprise digital transformation, build a hierarchical framework system, moderately advance the layout of infrastructure, and promote the transformation of enterprise automation, informatization, digitalization and intelligence.

-Collaborative innovation and demonstration. Adhere to innovation-driven, improve the industry-university-research collaborative innovation system, consolidate the leading position of large enterprises, and demonstrate and lead the promotion and application of mature technologies in small and medium-sized enterprises.

-data empowerment, integration and development. Take data resources as key production factors, open a new model of data-driven high-quality development, and promote the deep integration of digitalization, networking, intelligence and enterprise development.

(3) main objectives

By 2022, the digital transformation of the iron and steel industry has made a breakthrough. Data resources have been widely collected, data applications have been demonstrated and promoted, and the ability to ensure data security has been significantly improved. a new pattern of digital development of iron and steel has been basically formed, which is supported by big data, digital workshop, full-process intelligent manufacturing, and industry cloud platform, and the labor productivity of the main industry has increased to more than 1000 tons per person-year. Shougang Qian'an, Hegang Shigang and other key enterprises have been established as demonstration enterprises in the digital transformation of the national iron and steel industry.

1. The data resource system is basically established. Establish and improve the standard system, speed up the digital transformation of enterprise production processes, the main equipment is synchronously equipped with data acquisition, storage and analysis systems, and all the top 10 enterprises in the industry have established data centers. Digital integrated applications can be realized in specific scenarios.

2. Remarkable progress has been made in the digital transformation. The collaborative innovation system has been initially established, the integration of the two industries has been further promoted, the MES and ERP systems have been widely used, and the integration index of the two industries is higher than the national average. A number of digital and intelligent workshops have been put into use, the digital transformation has achieved phased results, and the digitization rate of production equipment has reached more than 55%.

3. The digital ecosystem has initially taken shape. The new generation of information network with high-speed broadband, seamless connection and intelligent adaptation has achieved full coverage of iron and steel enterprises, the ability of data security has been significantly improved, and the policy and institutional environment such as data transaction, settlement, delivery and security has been optimized.

III. Main tasks and ways of realization

From the three dimensions of product, enterprise and industry, integrate automation, information and intelligent technology, consolidate the foundation of industrial digitization, build an industrial digital chain of pluralistic collection, system integration and in-depth development, and speed up the promotion and application of digital technology. parallel promotion of intelligent transformation, network collaboration, digital transformation; strengthen the digital support system, improve infrastructure and digital ecosystem.

(1) implementing the construction project of modern data resource system

1. Establish and improve the standards and specifications of data resources. Relying on industry associations, leading enterprises and third-party organizations, we should establish and improve the standards and norms of data resources in the iron and steel industry, and strive to build "Hebei Standards", which vertically runs through the whole process of production and operation of enterprises and horizontally connects different market entities. We will improve the basic common standards, revise the basic standards in terms definition, reference model, metadata and data dictionary, and identification, and establish and improve functional and information security standards, monitoring and evaluation standards, and process and technical reliability standards. Create key technical standards, establish general technical standards, integration standards and communication protocol standards for sensors and instruments, such as data exchange, characteristics and classification, performance evaluation, function blocks, interoperability, etc., improve interface specifications, communication protocols, data formats and data exchange standards, and establish digital object standards for industrial Internet identification in the iron and steel industry. Through the control system standards such as programmable controller, distributed control system and fieldbus control system, it breaks through the standards of human-computer interaction system, such as graphic icon, somatosensory description language, biometric recognition and so on. Explore and improve digital intelligent service standards such as personalized manufacturing, remote operation and maintenance, and industrial Internet.

2. Promote the development of comprehensive data collection and analysis mining. Establish a data collection system and a data management and analysis platform according to the product "life cycle" to promote the construction of a big data center for the iron and steel industry in the province. Iron and steel enterprises are encouraged to combine the transformation and upgrading of large-scale equipment, from the five links of design, production, logistics, sales and service, to deploy intelligent terminals with edge computing capabilities, such as thermal imagers, pressure sensors, vibration sensors, trajectory recognition sensors, etc., upgrade all kinds of information systems and promote the collection of data in the whole process. With regard to the massive heterogeneous data such as relational data, time series data, document data and geospatial data formed in the production and operation of iron and steel enterprises, industry associations, scientific research institutions and social organizations are encouraged to deeply mine industrial data by means of information technology such as data analysis, modeling and machine learning, so as to form industrial software with independent intellectual property rights.

3. Promote the innovative application of big data and AI technology. Relying on large enterprises, implement the big data application demonstration project in the iron and steel industry, deeply integrate AI technology, machine vision, knowledge graph and other technologies with iron and steel manufacturing, form a number of application solutions such as equipment remote control, production line digital twin, iron and steel material genome, and promote the application of big data and AI technology in all aspects of the industrial chain and the whole product life cycle. Encourage enterprises to carry out industry-university-research cooperation and carry out collaborative innovation around common needs and industry pain points. Encourage key enterprises to develop numerical control systems, guide equipment manufacturers to open data interfaces, and achieve comprehensive data collection.

4. Carry out a demonstration of scene integration application. Take specific enterprises and specific production processes as scenarios, carry out pilot demonstrations of integrated applications such as data collection, processing and development, and explore the positive role of digital transformation in improving product quality, production efficiency, enterprise efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction, and create a number of typical cases of the application of digital resource system.

(lead department: provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, responsible department: relevant provincial departments, relevant city and county governments)

Column 1:

Key enterprises in digital transformation

There are three leading enterprises: Shougang Qiangang, Shougang Jingtang and Hegang Group, giving full play to the demonstration and leading role of digital transformation.

Eight large enterprises: Jingye Group, Jinxi Iron and Steel, Puyang Iron and Steel, Yuhua Iron and Steel, Zongheng Steel, Donghai Special Steel, Ruifeng Steel and Hongxing Iron and Steel, focusing on playing an exemplary and leading role in the digital transformation of the supply side.

There are three special steel enterprises: Hegang Shigang, Xingtai Iron and Steel, and Chengde Jianlong, focusing on playing an exemplary and leading role in the digital transformation on the demand side.

(2) implementing the project of digital transformation and upgrading

1. Build a digital R & D system. Relying on the four national enterprise technology centers of Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Handan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Hecheng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and Xinxing cast Pipe Technology Research Institute, a research and development system or platform based on digital integration is established, and the user-centered product concept and service consciousness are established in an all-round way. Run through all aspects of market demand, R & D and design, production and manufacturing, and carry out intelligent order production to create conditions for product quality control and traceability.

2. Implement the digital transformation of the production system. Vigorously promote the "robot +" 5G + "AI+" initiative, support enterprises to establish a digital MES manufacturing execution system throughout the whole process of ironmaking, steelmaking, hot rolling and cold rolling, and form a digital twin with real-time synchronization of multi-dimensional and multi-environmental data sources. Speed up the construction of intelligent manufacturing unit, intelligent production line and digital workshop, the sintering pellet process adopts fuzzy control technology and comprehensive control expert system, and the ironmaking process is equipped with blast furnace expert system and data acquisition and model development technology. one-button automatic steelmaking mode is applied in steelmaking process, and unattended or unattended workshops are built in rolling, warehousing and other processes. By 2022, more than 15 digital workshops will be cultivated and more than 3 pilot demonstration projects for intelligent manufacturing will be built.

3. Improve the level of digital management. Further improve the ERP enterprise resource management system, deepen the digital integration of production, supply and marketing and other core business, and achieve transparent, visual and digital management of production data, quality data and abnormal information. Support large leading enterprises to build "PLM+MES+ERP" enterprise operation integration platform, develop iron and steel industry order management model, supply chain management model, financial management model, etc., build an efficient supply chain coordination system, reduce the influence of human factors, and provide a fast and reliable digital platform for enterprise production and management.

4. Promote digital customized services. Iron and steel enterprises are encouraged to revolve around the needs of users, combined with pre-R & D intervention, late continuous follow-up improvement model, innovative technical support and after-sales service, improve the logistics and distribution system, and provide a series of extended and innovative services such as material recommendation, follow-up processing and use programs, to create and lead high-end demand.

5. Speed up the construction of digital platform. Promote the construction of enterprise-level, industry-level and regional iron and steel industry Internet platform, support data aggregation and modeling analysis inside and outside the enterprise, and provide support for the application of new models such as personality customization, intelligent production, network collaboration, service extension and so on. We will implement the "enterprise cloud" initiative, promote extensive cloud computing coverage, and promote the deep use of clouds such as equipment networking and data integration.

6. Carry out the construction of Wisdom Iron and Steel Park. We will vigorously promote the adjustment of the layout of the iron and steel industry, speed up the relocation of iron and steel enterprises, gather and develop along the coastal railway, and build a regional iron and steel wisdom park. Make use of new technologies such as 5G, Internet of things and self-driving to promote the intelligence of the management and service capacity of the iron and steel industry park, attract upstream and downstream enterprises of the iron and steel industry to enter the park, and create a good iron and steel industry ecological circle.

(lead department: provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, responsible department: relevant provincial departments, relevant city and county governments)

Column 2:

Key projects of digital transformation

1. Hegang Leting Iron and Steel Base project, the construction of enterprise data center, speed up the digital application of the whole process.

2. Hebei Jinxi Iron and Steel Group equipment upgrading project to speed up the digital transformation of the main equipment.

3. Shougang Qian Steel, Shougang Jingtang digital intelligent transformation, optimize the expert system of large blast furnace, and promote the construction of digital workshop and intelligent workshop.

4. Tangshan Ruifeng Iron and Steel Group reduction replacement transformation and upgrading project to build a data center and speed up digital transformation.

5. Hebei Zhongheng Group Fengnan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. joint restructuring and urban steel plant relocation and transformation project to promote the intelligent digital transformation of energy management center and environmental protection facilities, and enhance the function of ERP operation and management system.

6. Hebei Taihang Iron and Steel Group reorganizes and relocates the first phase of the project to promote the application of digital technology.

7. Jinan Iron and Steel Group reorganizes the relocation and transformation project to promote the application of digital technology.

8. Emerging cast pipe high-performance ductile cast pipe DN80-1200 intelligent automation production line upgrade project, the construction of the world's first fully intelligent ductile cast pipe production line.

9. Hangang old area retreat integration project to speed up the application of the whole digital process.

10. Hegang Shigang retreat relocation and transformation project to build a world-class digital model factory.

11. Chengde Jianlong 1 million tons / year vanadium titanium high-tech seamless steel pipe project to build an intelligent production platform.

(3) implementing the construction project of digital ecosystem

1. We will speed up the construction of a new type of infrastructure. The ubiquitous integrated industrial digital network of iron and steel enterprises is built by using industrial PON and 5G new network technology. Speed up the deployment and commercial promotion of 5G network in key iron and steel enterprises. We will promote the upgrading of existing network infrastructure with high speed, low power consumption and high reliability, promote the demonstration, pilot and large-scale promotion of new industrial Internet technologies, and create a new Internet infrastructure platform for the iron and steel industry. we will speed up the construction of a new generation of information infrastructure that is high-speed, mobile, secure and ubiquitous, and promote the registration, analysis, business management and application of industrial Internet labels in the iron and steel industry. We will promote the construction and comprehensive application of a new wireless network architecture.

2. Establish and improve the market governance system. Explore the establishment of a joint and effective collaborative governance system for the government, Internet sharing platform enterprises, and industry associations in key areas, and explore businesses and data that can realize the sharing model, speed up the construction of public service systems such as basic standards and public logo analysis, and provide standardized and accurate services for the digital transformation and high-quality development of the industry. We will promote the diversification of government industry management means, create a big data platform for market supervision with the help of the Internet, big data and cloud computing technology, improve the transparency of production and operation of market entities, and create conditions for the construction of diversified supervision of market subjects. We will establish a market-oriented data trading mechanism, promote data rights determination, pricing and trading activities, and promote the innovative application of digital resources.

3. Strengthen data security. Create a network security system in a complex environment, establish a multi-level, all-weather, omni-directional network security guarantee system and security situation awareness system, and ensure the security and controllability of key information infrastructure and data in the digital economy era. Protect the security of enterprise data core assets, carry out key security technologies such as encrypted transmission, access control, and data desensitization, and enhance the ability to prevent tampering, theft and leakage.

(lead department: provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, responsible department: relevant provincial departments, relevant city and county governments)

Column 3:

Key areas of digital transformation

Tangshan coastal, Qian'an, Wu'an and other iron and steel enterprises are concentrated in connected areas, making full use of digital technology to create an application platform for networked collaborative management of iron and steel enterprises, bringing together various elements such as upstream resources, downstream demand, logistics and distribution, to realize the integration and sharing of information, technology, market, human resources, spare parts and so on among enterprises. Promote the coordination and cooperation of design, manufacturing, production, sales and service among enterprises based on the network platform, and improve the rapid response and competitiveness of enterprises to respond to the market.

IV. Safeguard measures

(1) to establish and improve the work promotion mechanism. Give full play to the overall and coordinated role of the provincial digital economic development coordination group, establish a coordinated promotion mechanism for the digital transformation of the iron and steel industry composed of relevant provincial departments, industry associations and key enterprises, strengthen guidance and services, and implement the objectives and tasks set out in this action plan. We will encourage key areas such as Tangshan and Handan to strengthen policy innovation in line with local conditions and promote local enterprises to speed up their digital transformation and development.

(2) strengthen the support of scientific and technological funds and talents. We will speed up the research on key common technologies of digitization, support industry-university-research cooperation in the construction of a digital innovation platform, and promote the integration of digital transformation and the deployment of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and edge computing. We will give full play to the role of provincial financial special funds, actively strive for the support of national special funds, and promote the construction of pilot demonstration projects. We will improve the talent introduction and training system and build a team of compound talents who not only have digital capabilities but also are familiar with the needs of the industry.

(3) to take advantage of the scientific and technological resources of Beijing and Tianjin. With the help of the strength of think tanks in Beijing and Tianjin, combined with the actual development of the iron and steel industry in our province, focus on 5G network construction, standard development, cloud service and platform architecture such as Aliyun, Tencent Cloud and Huawei Cloud, as well as planning and design institutes, professional equipment (equipment) providers, automation implementers, information implementers, system integrators and other fields to achieve two-wheel drive and iterative evolution of technology and applications.

(4) fully stimulate the vitality of the main body of the market. Encourage enterprises to improve the quality and efficiency of development and reduce energy consumption and emissions as the starting point, take the initiative and participate deeply, sort out the core logic of the business layer, implement production operation and customer service process reengineering, and build the core business technology framework. Tailor-made enterprise digital transformation plan. Give full play to the exemplary role of key enterprises, strengthen business training and personnel training, and guide enterprises to speed up the implementation of low-cost and high-benefit digital transformation. Give full play to the negative role of environmental protection, energy consumption and other standards, and promote enterprises to speed up digital and intelligent transformation.

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