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Guangyuan Zhongfu Green Aluminum Phase I Project reached production
Jul 2,2020 09:44CST
Source:China Nonferrous Metals Daily
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SMM: in the early morning of June 28th, with the start-up and completion of the last four electrolytic cells in the second section of Guangyuan Zhongfu Phase I project, Guangyuan Zhongfu Phase I project reached an annual production capacity of 250000 tons and entered normal production.

It is reported that since the Guangyuan Zhongfu Phase I project landed in Guangyuan, Sichuan Province in November 2018, all the cadres and staff of Zhongfu Industry have worked hard day and night, successively overcoming many difficulties such as complex geology, continuous rain, financing, and Xinguan epidemic. After 19 months of hard work, the first section was completed and put into operation in November 2019, and the second section was put into operation in June 2020. So far, remarkable achievements have been made in reaching production. The project has created a precedent for the overall relocation of large domestic aluminum enterprises, and the construction speed is ahead of the industry. the environmental protection emission standard of the first section of the workshop, which has been in operation for nearly 8 months, has been reduced by 90% compared with the national standard. it has become the first enterprise in Sichuan and Chongqing to achieve ultra-low emission of purification and desulfurization, and the construction concept of "green energy saving, high efficiency, low consumption and intelligent innovation" has been verified, marking a major victory in Zhongfu's capacity transfer strategy. Successfully embarked on a green and sustainable development of butterfly change.

At a time when aluminum prices are stabilizing and bulk raw materials are at a low level, it is the right time for Guangyuan Zhongfu Phase I project to reach full production, and it will make use of the advantages of local low-cost hydropower resources to gradually release profit margins and become a strong profit growth point for Zhongfu Industry in the future.

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