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[SMM thread] the horizontal plate of the screw fluctuates, and the speculative demand weakens.
Jul 1,2020 18:49CST
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SMM7 March 1 News: this period of spiral horizontal market shock, the spot market quotation continues to be stable and weak to adjust 10mur20 yuan / ton, the market mentality becomes cautious, speculative demand is less than yesterday, the overall transaction is general.

[Hangzhou]: the quotation in early trading was stable and weak, Shagang 3580Mel 3590 yuan / ton, the traders shipped smoothly in the morning, the transaction was average, the snail dived in the afternoon, the market sentiment obviously weakened, and some traders secretly dropped 10mur20 yuan / ton in order to ship the goods. Shagang's mainstream turnover was 3570mur3580 yuan / ton, with a general deviation in overall trading throughout the day.

[Beijing]: the thread is stable, Hegang reported 3680mur3690 yuan / ton, the plate is stable, Hegang reported 3760mur3780 yuan / ton. The transaction was mediocre, and the quotation for the second and third category of resources was recently boosted by the news of production restrictions on environmental protection in Tangshan.

[Shanghai]: the spot price of thread is stable. Shagang quotes 3530tel 3550 yuan / ton. Yesterday's high speculative demand has decreased, and the transaction is relatively quiet. With the weakening of the future snail, the quotation has been slightly loosened.

[Guangzhou]: thread quotation is stable, cold steel quotation is 3740Mel 3760 yuan / ton, plate snail is stable, Wangang quotation is 3750 yuan / ton. The transaction is normal and weak, which is less than yesterday, and the market mentality is unstable.

[Chengdu]: today, the spiral steel is stable, the price limit of the steel mill is about 3680 yuan / ton, the transaction needs to drop more, and the shipment volume is weak today. [SMM Steel]

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