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Anpiouda-Nonferrous Network Cooperative Bank second sticker July discount hit
Jul 1,2020 11:17CST
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Non-ferrous network cooperates with a number of banks to open the acceptance bill bank direct paste channel, to do the acceptance discount "with goods Internet celebrity", for the industry customers to bring the most convenient and affordable discount channel.

Special event of Fumin Bank in July:

The first 5BP discount can save up to 2500 yuan!

Since its launch in March 20, Anpouda has been warmly praised by the majority of enterprises. In the past June, Anpiao reached 40 new contracted enterprises, with more than 200 discounts in that month, with a total discount amount of nearly 200 million yuan, saving customers hundreds of thousands of yuan in discount costs! (note: compared with the discounted market price in the same period)

June is the bank's traditional "half-year test"; so in the second half of June, the discount price rose sharply, but still can not stop the enthusiasm of new and old customers to discount. Anpiao is here to thank all customers for their recognition! When the time comes to July, the discount price on the 1st has dropped sharply to the normal level. Ticket holders are welcome to consult, check and discount online. Anpouda will continue to provide the best bank discount price and customer service!

Without the need to open an account and sign a contract online, Anpiao is really simple and convenient.

Online banking operation, bank discount, Anpiao really safety compliance;

The account arrives in three seconds, the voucher is complete, and the safe ticket is really easy and fast.

At present, it has been docked with Chongqing Fumin Bank and Wuhan Zhongbang Bank, and more cooperative banks are coming online one after another!

For the latest acceptance discount price, click the link and try to calculate it online immediately.


Or scan the QR code below and contact your exclusive customer service immediately

It is easy to operate funds per second.

Please register your Anpiao Dada account.

Prepare the color enterprise business license and the photo of the applicant's identity card.

"registered web address

Please sign the bank's second sticker.

Choose Fumin Bank or Zhongbang Bank to sign the contract online. There is no need to go to the counter to open an account.

Online silver discount

The operation of the enterprise online bank is discounted, and the discounted amount is returned to the online bank within 3 seconds.

Cooperative Bank:

Chongqing Fumin Bank

Chongqing Fumin Bank Co., Ltd. is the first private bank in the central and western regions approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, and it is also the first private bank to be established after regular examination and approval. Fumin Bank is jointly established by seven excellent private enterprises in Chongqing, including Hanhua Financial Control, Zongshen Group, Fu'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Yujiang Die casting, Hite Environmental Protection, Taoranju and Boen Technology.

Wuhan Zhongbang Bank

Zhongbang Bank is the first private bank in Hubei Province, jointly established by six enterprises, including Zall Holdings, Contemporary Group, Netcom Technology, Yulong Group, Aoshan Investment, and Fusk Energy. It is the 11th private bank approved by the Banco Insurance Regulatory Commission.

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe?

Non-ferrous network directly connected to the bank, after signing the discount business, directly in their own online bank operation discount, funds within 3 seconds to the online bank account

Do you have an invoice?

Formal bank discount, invoices and vouchers

Are there any other charges?

There are no other charges, the online bank will post it to the bank directly, and what you receive is the amount after deducting the discount.

Do you want to open an account at the counter?

Fumin Bank and Zhongbang Bank can sign up for discount business online without having to go to the counter.


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