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The production line of high-end mirror aluminum for Wanji automobile runs through the whole line.
Jul 1,2020 11:05CST
Source:China Nonferrous Metals Daily
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SMM Network News: in May, Luoyang Wanji Aluminum processing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wanji Aluminum processing Company") finishing workshop through technical research, tension and bending straightening, longitudinal cutting machine, cross-cutting machine and other equipment for upgrading and adjustment and optimization, to achieve high-end automotive mirror aluminum production line, a total of 208tons of automotive high-end mirror aluminum products, saving more than 100000 yuan in external processing costs, downstream customer feedback is good. This marks the realization of the full-line connection of the high-grade mirror aluminum production line in Wanji Aluminum processing Company.

High-grade mirror aluminum for automobile is mainly used in car logo, lamp reflector, dashboard and other decoration fields, the production cost is only 1/3 of stainless steel material, the market prospect is very broad. In the past, the world's high-end mirror aluminum sheet was produced by three manufacturers: Sumitomo of Japan, Alcoa of Germany and Alcoa of Austria. In order to break the technical blockade, Wanji aluminum processing set up a high-end mirror aluminum plate research and development technical team. By tackling key technical problems, the filtering accuracy of the grinder was improved, the grinding roughness of the roll was reduced, the cold rolling parameters were optimized, and a coating device was installed for drawing and straightening. Most of the technical problems of the equipment have been solved. However, due to the functional limitations of the finishing process equipment, Wanji Aluminum processing Company is unable to complete the processing of drawing and straightening film, longitudinal slitting and cross-cutting board in the existing production line, so it needs to be contracted to other companies for processing, so it is not only necessary to pay high processing fees, but also the quality is unstable.

In this special period of epidemic prevention and control, the vast number of cadres and staff in the finishing workshop of Wanji Aluminum processing Company adhered to the front line and achieved effective response and overall promotion in epidemic prevention and control, safe production, operation and management, especially continuously speeding up the pace of product upgrading. organize technical personnel to carry out equipment transformation: first, to install a laminating machine at the exit of the bending and straightening outlet to realize the function of mirror aluminum online laminating; Second, two rings are made of 10 mm thick steel plate, and then the two ends of the three fan-shaped blocks are drilled, the three fan-shaped blocks are connected in series by the ring, and installed and fixed on the reel, and six sliding grooves are designed on the ring, which can move with the expansion and contraction of the reel, so that the fan-shaped block can be installed quickly, and the Φ 505 axis of the longitudinal cutting machine is successfully changed into Φ 605 axis, and the slitting production is realized smoothly. The third is to uniformly adjust the height of the baffle of the cross-cutting machine to 425 mm, so that the plates stacked after shearing are more neat and reduce the downtime and adjustment time; the fourth is to optimize the equipment parameters and matching speed of the cross-cutting machine to improve the production efficiency.

After the transformation, the operation of the equipment is stable, the production speed of high-grade mirror aluminum for automobile is increased from 15 m / min to 20 m / min, and the output per shift is increased from 3 tons to more than 4 tons. After testing, the surface glossiness, ductility, reflectivity and other quality and technical indicators of mirror aluminum products are in line with customer requirements.

On this basis, Wanji Aluminum processing Company implements the quality control mechanism of implementing the process elements of high-grade mirror aluminum for automobile, investigating the quality problems, strictly controlling the indicators such as over-trimming scrap, and exploring process optimization, which greatly reduces the theoretical weight loss of metal production. The enterprise also changes the cost assessment method, carries out cost standardization, fine accounting, and calculates standard costs according to passes, specifications and varieties, so as to truly achieve "calculation." While improving the plate shape based on the equipment and further releasing the overall production capacity, through the implementation of piece work system, the formulation of fine performance incentives, strict quality control to improve efficiency, and the formation of a healthy competition mechanism, lay the foundation for the next step to improve the production capacity of high-grade mirror aluminum for automobiles.

At present, the sales office of Wanji Aluminum processing Company has further expanded the market space by negotiating high-grade mirror aluminum sales business with customers at home and abroad through online video. At the same time, the by-product sodium hypochlorite disinfectant is allocated from Wanji Holdings Group and presented to domestic automotive high-grade mirror aluminum customers along with the truck; European standard medical masks are purchased and sent free of charge to Germany, Italy and other high-grade mirror aluminum customers through international express companies to ensure the normal production of downstream domestic and foreign customers. The above measures have achieved remarkable results. The sales situation of high-grade mirror aluminum for Wanji cars in domestic and foreign markets is improving as a whole, and it has become a new benefit growth point for Wanji aluminum processing.

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