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Us Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: the virus spreads too fast and may be out of control
Jul 1,2020 07:14CST
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SMM: Anne Schuchat, chief deputy director of the (CDC) of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said on Monday (29th) that the new crown virus spread too fast and widely that the United States might not be able to control it.

"our situation is different from that of New Zealand, Singapore or South Korea. These countries have the ability to quickly detect new cases, actively track contacts, and immediately take quarantine measures, and they can control the development of the epidemic. " "there are too many viral infections in the United States, so this is very frustrating," she said in an interview with the Journal of the American Medical Association. "

In recent days, the daily growth rate of new crown pneumonia cases in the United States has exceeded that of April. According to Johns Hopkins University statistics, as of press time, the United States has a total of 2587154 confirmed cases and a total of 126127 deaths.

South Korea was one of the first countries in the outbreak of the new crown virus, but health officials managed to control the outbreak through active testing, contact tracking and isolation of infected people. According to Johns Hopkins University, the country reached the peak of the outbreak on March 3, with 851 new cases that day, but fewer than 100 new cases have been reported every day since April 1. The situation in Singapore and New Zealand is more or less the same as that in South Korea, where the epidemic was finally brought under control through "testing, tracking and isolation".

"this is really just the beginning," Schuchett said. "I think there are a lot of people across the country who think, hey, when summer comes, everything will be all right and the epidemic is over. But it's far from it. It's not even over yet. There have been a lot of worrying factors over the past week. "

"although the scale and trajectory of outbreaks in New Zealand, South Korea and Singapore are different, officials in these three countries have responded quickly to all new infections in order to eliminate the remaining outbreaks." "compared with other countries, the United States has a vast territory and the fact that the virus attacks different areas at different times makes everything more complicated," she added. "

Schuchat says the situation in the United States is difficult to describe because the virus has broken out in many areas and is spreading faster than before. "the virus spreads so easily that no one is immune to it. In fact, it is more mysterious than we expected."

At the current level of transmission, Schuchat believes that the American public should "expect the virus to continue to spread." People can help curb the spread of the virus by keeping a social distance, wearing masks and washing hands, but until a vaccine is available, no one should expect any other way to completely eliminate the virus.

"We can influence it, but in terms of weather or season, I don't think we can count on it," she said.

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