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Forecast of Today's Financial and Economic data: China's Caixin Manufacturing PMI released a number of US employment data in the evening.
Jul 1,2020 06:00CST
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SMM7 March 1: today focuses on a number of evening U. S. data, evening Chicago Federal Reserve Chairman Evans (Charles Evans) hosted an online event, the theme is "Chicago Vision for the Future: community Forum."

In terms of data,


China's Caixin manufacturing PMI, is a leading indicator of economic health, and a level above 50 indicates that manufacturing expansion is good for the Australian dollar. On the contrary, below 50 indicates that China's manufacturing industry is shrinking, which is bad for the Australian dollar.

The actual monthly rate of retail sales in Germany is the leading indicator of consumer expenditure, and consumer expenditure is the most important part of the overall economic activity. Retail sales increased, which was good for the euro.

The unemployment rate after the quarterly adjustment in Germany, which is one of the most important economic indicators, is deeply affected by the supply and demand of the labor market and the economic cycle. The level of the unemployment rate also reflects the operation of the economy. Although seen as a lagging indicator, unemployment is an important indicator of overall economic health, as consumer spending is highly correlated with job market conditions.

The number of layoffs and changes in the number of layoffs in Challenger enterprises in the United States reflect the quality of the employment situation of enterprises. If the number of layoffs increases, it shows that the job market is deteriorating, which is bad for the US dollar. The US Department of Labor's official non-farm payrolls report was released one day before it was released, but its impact on the market was less than that of the ADP payrolls report released two days ahead of the non-farm payrolls data.

ADP employment in the United States, employment data is the leading indicator of consumer spending, accounting for the majority of overall economic activity. Two days ahead of the official non-farm payrolls data released by the Labor Department, it is seen as a leading indicator of non-farm data.

Markit manufacturing PMI, in the United States is a leading indicator of economic conditions, because enterprises can respond quickly to the market environment. By observing the changes in such data, foreign exchange investors judge the outlook of the US economy, which in turn affects the trend of the foreign exchange market.

American ISM manufacturing PMI, is a leading indicator of economic health. Businesses can respond quickly to market conditions, and purchasing managers' views on the economic conditions of their companies are perhaps the most timely and relevant.

EIA crude oil inventory change in the United States, which is a US indicator, the increase or decrease of inventory will affect the price of crude oil, which in turn will have an impact on the Canadian dollar, because Canadian crude oil exports account for a large proportion of the economy. The impact is greater than the weekly change in crude oil inventories of the American Petroleum Institute (API).


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