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[attention] Promotion fee to stimulate the economy in various parts of the economy to introduce stimulus policies
May 29,2020 14:18CST
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SMM5 March 29: in order to hedge the impact of the epidemic on consumption, many places across the country have introduced measures to expand domestic demand, which will help to expand the consumption of physical goods and promote consumption compensation. At the present stage, promoting consumption is an important focus of policies to expand domestic demand, and various localities tap consumption potential by developing new consumption patterns, issuing consumption vouchers and other ways. SMM will sort out the recent policies and measures to promote consumption in various places as follows.

Shaanxi: buying cars, changing household appliances and opening online stores are all patronized.

A few days ago, the General Office of the Shaanxi Provincial people's Government issued the Circular on several measures to promote Market consumption to actively respond to the impact of the New Crown pneumonia epidemic (hereinafter referred to as "the notice"), according to the notice, encouraging cars, home appliances, networks, and emerging consumption to enhance consumer confidence.

In terms of automobile consumption, encourage the purchase of new energy vehicles, encourage the elimination, upgrading and upgrading of cars, promote convenient transactions in second-hand cars, sell used cars to second-hand car dealers, and levy value-added tax on sales by 0.5% from May 1, 2020 to the end of 2023. In addition, measures such as the upgrading of vehicle consumption in rural areas and the relaxation of vehicle traffic restrictions are also encouraged.

In terms of home appliance consumption, support the consumption of green smart home appliances. Cities (districts) with conditions are encouraged to carry out trade-in activities, and consumers who buy televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners with level 1 energy efficiency labels can be subsidized at 10% of the sales price. Cities (districts) with conditions are encouraged, and appropriate subsidies can be given to consumers who buy laptops and smartphones. Cities (districts) that have achieved remarkable results shall be rewarded.

In terms of emerging online consumption, a one-time subsidy of 20, 000 yuan will be given to enterprises that set up flagship stores and specialty restaurants on well-known e-commerce platforms for the first time in 2020 and achieved online sales of agricultural products worth more than 500000 yuan in that year. Cities (districts) are encouraged to vigorously develop the night economy by relying on the construction of pedestrian streets. Pedestrian streets in various cities (districts) that are included in the scope of provincial pilot projects will be rewarded with a reward of 1 million yuan each.

Shanghai: holding "prices after the Fifth five-year Plan" the government set up the stage for merchants to make profits to promote the recovery of the retail industry

Shanghai launched the consumer festival "May five Shopping Festival", which runs through Labor Day, Children's Day, Dragon Boat Festival and other key festivals, covering emerging consumption, culture and travel, catering services, cars and information consumption. In order to welcome the "May 5th Shopping Festival", major business circles in Shanghai have launched activities such as issuing consumption coupons, second sha, buy one get one free, new product launch and so on. In early May, Shanghai also issued a new policy on subsidies for new energy vehicles, giving consumers another 5000 yuan in subsidies for charging fees incurred during the use of new energy vehicles. At the same time, fuel vehicles "trade in clunkers" have also issued details of subsidies, with a subsidy standard of 4000 yuan per vehicle.

Henan: the release of ten measures to promote consumption involves food, clothing, housing and transportation.

The ten measures put forward by the opinions include encouraging the issuance of consumption coupons, promoting holiday consumption, encouraging preferential admission to scenic spots, promoting the continuous development of scenic spots, prospering the economy of small shops, building food and beverage brands in the Central Plains, developing new consumption patterns, strengthening the development and promotion of characteristic consumption, increasing the construction of consumption infrastructure, optimizing the consumption environment, and so on. The "opinion" proposes to promote the deep integration of online and offline consumption, vigorously develop new consumption methods such as contactless distribution, unmanned retail, and live retail, and creatively put forward the "prosperity of small store economy." highlight to solve the problem of insufficient operating space for most small and micro enterprises.

Jiangsu: release policy service guide to release consumption potential

Recently, in response to the "several measures on actively responding to the impact of the epidemic to promote consumption replenishment and potential release" issued by the provincial government, in order to strengthen policy publicity and interpretation, facilitate enterprises and the masses to apply for hosting, and promote the accurate landing of a number of measures, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, together with relevant provincial departments and units, has formulated in detail the "Service Guide for several measures to promote consumption compensation and potential release" (hereinafter referred to as "Service Guide"). Further clarify the service items, scope of application and handling process of relevant policies and measures.

The service guide covers 45 policies and services related to promoting consumption and is issued in four batches. The first batch of themes are "promoting market recovery and boosting bulk consumption", including seven services, including the issuance of electronic consumption coupons, subsidies for new energy vehicles, and the promotion of used car trading. The theme of the second batch is "promoting Culture, Travel and Sports, Housekeeping and providing for the aged consumption", including 8 service items, such as ticket concessions in scenic spots, application for sports consumption coupons, subsidies for vocational skills training in domestic economics, and operating subsidies for pension institutions. The theme of the third batch is "implementing tax reduction and fee reduction and reducing operating costs", including 18 service items such as further implementation of the policy of phased tax reduction and fee reduction during the epidemic. The theme of the fourth batch is "increasing financial support and optimizing the consumption environment", including 12 service items, such as alleviating the credit pressure of enterprises, creating a reassuring consumption environment, and enterprise credit services.

Hainan: promoting business development and expanding consumption through 12 measures

The Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce recently issued "measures on promoting Commercial Development and promoting consumption expansion and quality", which will hedge the impact of the epidemic with greater efforts and unconventional measures, and promote commercial development in our province through 12 measures to promote consumption expansion and quality.

The 12 measures are: cultivate international consumer business circle, promote the transformation and upgrading of pedestrian streets, build tourist road post stations around the island, develop smart business circles and smart shops, expand the sales of duty-free goods on outlying islands, promote the recovery and revitalization of the catering industry, release the potential of car consumption, promote the consumption of household appliances, speed up the cultivation of service consumption, promote consumption platform, make good use of "consumption all-in-one", and develop the night economy.

Shanxi: issue government electronic consumption vouchers to promote consumption recovery

In response to and implementing the request of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the Ministry of Commerce that "the resumption of work and production should be combined with the expansion of domestic demand, the restrained and frozen consumption should be released, and the new consumption and upgraded consumption spawned in the prevention and control of the epidemic will be nurtured and strengthened." so that the consumption of goods and services can be compensated ", Shanxi Province actively reserves and introduces new policies to promote consumption, and the activities are officially launched from April 30 to June 30. It will be carried out in eight rounds within two months, restricted to nine types of offline businesses seriously affected by the epidemic, such as department store retail, household building materials, household appliances, catering and accommodation, super convenience, fruits and vegetables, food and desserts, beauty salons, car sales, and so on. Consumption coupons are mainly divided into three types: general consumption coupons, home appliance consumption coupons and automobile special subsidy coupons.

From April 30 to May 20, cloud flash pay and Alipay wrote off a total of 596600 government consumption coupons, with a write-off amount of 16.0884 million yuan, a consumption of 75.8008 million yuan, a write-off rate of 62.81%, and a leverage ratio of 4.71 times.

Gansu: implementing opinions and action plans for promoting consumption and expanding domestic demand

The General Office of the Gansu Provincial Government recently issued the Circular on the implementation opinions and Action Plan for further promoting consumption and expanding domestic demand, which put forward a package of positive measures. It includes six ways to promote consumption and a package of measures to promote consumption and expand domestic demand. Thousands of enterprises, thousands of stores to promote profits, encourage leading household appliances enterprises, furniture brand enterprises to carry out home appliances furniture to the countryside, trade-in, preferential profit concessions, consumer subsidies and other promotional activities. Support trade, catering and other enterprises to carry out discount activities, the issuance of electronic consumption vouchers and other measures.

Guangdong: take more measures to promote consumption

In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and minimize the impact of the Xinguan pneumonia epidemic, various measures have been introduced in various parts of Guangdong to focus on promoting consumption, helping enterprises to upgrade production and technology, and improving residents' living standards. With the development of special actions to go to the countryside, the release of consumption coupons, support for the development of new forms of live e-commerce, and other policies and measures have been implemented, the consumer market in Guangdong has obviously picked up, and all walks of life have gradually recovered. Various parts of the province set off a new round of car consumption boom, the issuance of consumption coupons to stimulate consumption, the epidemic gave birth to the housing economy, the popularity of the national live broadcast mode soared instantly.

Anhui: various policies to promote consumption in various parts of the province

In order to promote consumption, various localities in Anhui Province have launched various policies, such as Hefei City launched a "charm Hefei everyone to buy" 100 million yuan consumption coupons distribution activity, Fuyang City launched the "Spring warm Fucheng Huimin consumption" activity, distributed 3 million consumption vouchers, and the three districts of Baohe, Shushan and Yaohai of Hefei City issued 1,000 RMB2000 car purchase subsidies for newly purchased vehicles, with remarkable results.


Hebei: implementing the 2020 Action Plan for promoting Commercial consumption

Prevention and Control of epidemic situation in Hebei Province to promote Foreign Trade, Circulation, Culture and Tourism Development Coordination Group issued the 2020 Action Plan for promoting Commercial consumption in Hebei Province, proposing to speed up the construction of business markets, facilities, platforms, environment and logistics systems, promote the transformation and upgrading of physical commerce and the integrated development of online and offline, promote consumption expansion and quality, and strive to increase the growth rate of total retail sales of consumer goods better than the national average. Do everything possible to achieve the annual goal. We will specifically implement the "six major projects" to invigorate circulation and carry out the "ten major activities" to promote consumption to stimulate local consumption.

Heilongjiang: launch a series of activities to promote consumption, government subsidies and discounts

The General Office of the people's Government of Heilongjiang Province issued the guidance on carrying out a series of activities to invigorate circulation and promote consumption in response to the impact of the Xinguan pneumonia epidemic (hereinafter referred to as the "opinion"). Within the province, a series of activities to invigorate circulation and promote consumption will be implemented throughout the province, nurturing and strengthening the new consumption and upgrading consumption spawned in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and giving full play to the role of promoting consumption and stabilizing employment. Stabilize and promote the development of the province's trade and circulation industry.

Promote consumption series activities in retail, catering, accommodation, cars, tourism and 5G mobile phones and other consumer areas to stimulate consumption and guide the formation of reasonable consumption expectations. Among them, preferential benefits, innovative models, cooperation between banks and enterprises, stimulating vitality and promoting consumption activities until the end of June, encouraging car purchase, cultural travel and 5G mobile phones to promote consumption until the end of the year. The second round of consumption promotion activities will be carried out as appropriate.

Fujian: activating consumer demand and promoting economic recovery

After the outbreak of the epidemic, Fujian Province successively issued a number of measures to deal with the epidemic and do a good job in the "six stability" work, on comprehensively implementing a number of measures to stabilize foreign trade, stabilize foreign investment and promote consumption, and effectively promote high-quality development, and put forward specific measures to promote consumption compensation, release residents' consumption potential, and promote consumption quality and expansion.

Enterprises that use e-commerce platform to achieve annual retail sales of physical goods exceeding 100 million yuan or agricultural products exceeding 30 million yuan shall be rewarded not more than 1 million yuan by provincial finance. Enterprises that use e-commerce third-party platforms and self-supporting platforms to achieve network sales of physical goods exceeding 30 million yuan or agricultural products exceeding 10 million yuan in the first quarter of 2020 shall be rewarded no more than 500000 yuan according to 1.5% of the sales. Encourage all localities to introduce policies such as going to the countryside and exchanging old for new ones to expand the consumption of new energy vehicles. Provincial finance shall provide financial support of no more than 10 million yuan to districts and cities that have introduced policies.

Chengdu: release an action plan to boost domestic demand led by new consumption

The Action Plan focuses on creating a new scene of better life consumption, innovating new online consumption models, developing new consumption formats, cultivating new hot spots of consumption, launching new consumption products, and building a new platform for consumption activities, with the aim of taking new consumption as the lead. further prosper the consumer market, release consumption vitality, expand consumption scale, improve consumption quality, lead consumption trend, and promote economic recovery.

According to the Action Plan, Chengdu will introduce more than 200 new stores of various brands each year, develop more than 300 characteristic stores, and create 100 night economic demonstration sites; online consumption is developing rapidly, and the proportion of online retail sales of physical goods in the total retail sales of consumer goods is 3 percentage points higher than the national average. More than 40 new consumption scenes with more than 100 million yuan are signed every year, and by the end of 2022, there will be more than 50 new consumption scenes of Shudu flavor and international standards.


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