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[SMM hot volume] the center of gravity of the issue has moved up, and spot demand continues to be released.
May 28,2020 19:02CST
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This issue of the volume trend is strong operation, the market transaction condition is good. The trend of the volume continued to be strong, with the overall market price rising by 10 Mel 20 yuan / tonne. After the price increase, the demand side accepted well. Traders in some areas actively received the goods, and the terminal demand was also released. At present, the overall market sentiment is warm, the pressure of resource supply in East China is small, and traders have a more positive view on the future.

[North China Market]: today, the quotation of Tianjin merchants is basically stable, quoted at 3620 murals, 3640 yuan / ton, the market purchasing mood is relatively calm, the delivery of goods is mediocre, and the shipments of traders are mediocre in the afternoon, mainly at low prices, and the transactions are mediocre throughout the day.

[South China Market]: Lecong was boosted by the market this morning, and the transaction price was 10 yuan / ton higher than yesterday's price at 3580 RMB3590 / ton. Terminal and speculative inquiry and procurement all rebounded. Traders shipped goods smoothly and had a transaction preference.

[East China Market]: Shanghai has been boosted by the pull of the market today. The spot price has risen 10 million 20 yuan / ton to 3530 million yuan / ton. Speculative demand is more active, mainly receiving goods, while the terminal is mainly purchasing on demand. Traders ship goods normally, and the transaction is better throughout the day. The price of Ningbo and Wuxi rose slightly today, Ningbo newspaper 3600muri 3620 yuan / ton, Wuxi newspaper 3560Rich 3570 yuan / ton, speculative demand preference, terminal on-demand procurement. Zhangjiagang had a better deal today, trading at 3540 murals, 3550 yuan / ton. Driven by the market, some traders actively raised prices. Low-price resources shipped smoothly, while high-priced resources also had a small number of transactions.

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