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[SMM Tin Morning News] the center of gravity of tin high shock moved slightly upward in Shanghai.
May 27,2020 09:00CST
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SMM5 March 27:

Lunxi trend: Lunxi electronic trading opened at $15400 / ton yesterday, with a maximum of $15440 / ton and a minimum of $15295 / tonne, closing at $15375 / tonne, down $5 / tonne. There were 201 lots traded throughout the day, and 16749 lots were held, a decrease of 161lots. The inventory is 3190 tons, a decrease of 140tons compared with the previous period. After the opening of the electronic disk of 15400 US dollars / ton yesterday, after the opening of the Asian market to the opening of the European market, Lunxi generally fluctuated downwards, with the lowest falling to an intraday low of 15295 US dollars / ton. At the end of the day, Lunxi concussion rebounded and finally closed at 15375 US dollars / ton, showing a small Yin line, with the physical part under pressure at the 5-day moving average. The lower support of Lunxi is expected to be near the 60-day moving average of 15100 US dollars / ton. Shanghai tin trend: the main tin 2007 contract in Shanghai opened 133440 yuan / ton last night, the highest was 134750 yuan / ton, the lowest was 133440 yuan / ton, and closed at 134540 yuan / ton, up 460 yuan / ton. 22948 lots were traded and 12369 positions were held, a decrease of 2065 hands. After the main 2007 contract of Shanghai tin opened last night at 133440 yuan / ton, it fluctuated near 134000 yuan / ton above the daily average line after rising at the beginning of the session, and rose again at the end of the day, finally closing at 134540 yuan / ton, showing a small yang line. the physical part is located near the 5-day moving average, and the resistance above the Shanghai tin main 2007 contract is expected to be around 136000 yuan / ton.

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