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[SMM thread] the period screw continues to fall, and the spot quotation is slightly adjusted.
May 26,2020 18:40CST
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SMM5 March 26 News: this snail continues to be weak, the spot market continues to be slightly weaker than yesterday, 10Mel 20 yuan / ton, the overall transaction situation in the country, except for a few markets, such as Fuzhou, steel mills take the initiative to raise prices, and the transaction price is difficult and quoted after rising, the shipment is not good. After the decline in the rest of the market, such as the southwest region, trading improved, while in some markets, trading continued due to weaker futures or bad weather.

[Hangzhou]: this morning, the market quotation was lowered again by about 20 yuan / ton, Shagang was quoted at 3590Mui 3600 yuan / ton, and Zhongtian snail was quoted at 3740Muth3760 yuan / tonne. The speculative demand and terminal demand in the market are relatively wait-and-see, and there is a general deviation in trading throughout the day.

[Shanghai]: the spot price of thread is stable. At present, the spot price of Shagang is 3550 won, 3560 yuan / ton, and the price of Panluo Shagang is 3650, 3670 yuan / ton. in cloudy and rainy weather, the transaction is mediocre, which is not much different from that of a few days ago.

[Beijing]: the thread is weakly stable at 3590 Mill yuan / ton, the spiral snail is reduced by 10 yuan / ton, and the resource quotation of Hegang is 3730 Mui 3760 yuan / ton. The market deals are mediocre.

[Guangzhou]: opening in the afternoon, the thread fell by 10mur20 yuan / ton, cold steel quoted 3770tel 3790 yuan / ton, pan snail price stable, Wangang quoted price of 3940 yuan / ton. Period snail continued to decline, superimposed rainy weather, trading is still not good.

[Chengdu]: the mainstream quotation of threaded Weiwei steel bank resources is weak and stable, with an average transaction of 3790Muth3800 yuan / ton, with a limited quantity sold at a low price in intraday trading, with a quotation of 3770Muth3790 yuan / ton. The resource of electric furnace is 3670tel 3690 yuan / ton, and the transaction is significantly better than that of the previous two days.

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