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Hot spot live broadcast? when will the aluminum market recover in the future?
May 26,2020 11:35CST
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Recently, the aluminum market fluctuates greatly. Take the 2007 contract of Shanghai Aluminum, for example, during May 21, it once brushed the recent two-month high, but then began to fall back, falling by nearly 100 yuan in just one day. What caused aluminum prices to fluctuate so strongly recently? What are the problems in all aspects of the industrial chain? How does the supply and demand pattern change? In this period of unstable fluctuations in aluminum prices, how should the transaction be carried out?

With regard to the latest mystery trend of the aluminum market, I believe many people have their own doubts. On May 27, let's once again break through the fog of the aluminum market and deeply analyze the trend of the aluminum market in the second half of the year from the current situation of different industrial chains. Welcome to make an appointment to watch.

The LVB message is as follows:

Start time: Wednesday, May 27, 15, 15, 30, 50, 17, 00

Live broadcast carrier: SMM+ Mini Program

15PUBG 30PUR 16UL 00

Wang Rong, a specially invited guest

Chief researcher of Guotai Junan Futures Nonferrous and Precious Metals

Live theme: aluminum: the next "King of Nonferrous" in the era of High volatility

Introduction: Wang Rong, chief researcher of Guotai Junan Futures Nonferrous and Precious Metal Plate, Bachelor of International Economics from Zhejiang University, Master of Industrial Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, has 9 years of experience in commodity futures research, and has won the award of Shanghai Futures Institute for many years.

1614. 00. Color. 16. 30.

Live broadcast analyst: Li Hao

Analyst of Shanghai Nonferrous net Aluminum Industry

Live broadcast theme: import domestic ore game intensified, the original aluminum import window rarely opened, where will the future aluminum price go?

With the continuous decline of domestic ore prices, how the marginal change of demand in Shanxi and Henan will affect the supply and demand of ore market in the future.

Alumina prices have been horizontal for a long time, what will be the future trend?

What will be the follow-up development of the rare opening of the primary aluminum import window?

Whether the strong shock pattern of electrolytic aluminum price can be maintained under the background of strong depot removal.

16PUR 30PUBG 17UR 00

Live broadcast analyst: Yi Liang

Analyst of Shanghai Nonferrous net Aluminum Industry

Live broadcast theme: the implementation of the new standard of waste aluminum in July is variable, and the consumption of recycled aluminum can still be expected in the future.

Under the influence of the epidemic situation, the supply of waste aluminum is weakened, how far can the original aluminum go against the trend to replace the waste aluminum?

Under the weak internal and external demand, the impact of import supply is becoming more and more intense.

The new standard is about to land in July, and there are variables in the structure of import sources in the second half of the year.

Consumption has hit bottom in stages, and the recovery of recycled aluminum consumption in the second half of the year is still possible.

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