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[two sessions] Wang Yi replied: how do China, Japan and South Korea cooperate in the "post-epidemic era"?
May 25,2020 14:12CST
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SMM, May 25: at the press conference of the third session of the 13th National people's Congress on May 24, a reporter asked: "at present, the epidemic is spreading around the world, and international relations continue to be turbulent." Under this situation, the order in Northeast Asia is relatively stable, and the role of overcoming the epidemic and restoring the world economy is highly anticipated. How does China view the development of China-Japan-ROK relations, how to promote cooperation among the three countries in the "post-epidemic era", and whether there is any possibility of exchange of visits between Chinese and Japanese leaders this year? "

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi replied: "China, Japan and South Korea are friendly neighbors separated by a strip of water. Since the outbreak of Xinguan pneumonia, China, Japan and South Korea have United and worked together. In the next step, while continuing to strictly prevent and control the epidemic, it is a common task for us to restore economic development as soon as possible. As the world's major economies, China, Japan and South Korea account for more than 1/5 of the world's GDP. The three countries will take the lead in controlling the epidemic and resuming work and production, which will provide an important driving force for promoting regional economic recovery and play a positive role in maintaining global economic stability. It is necessary to promote cooperation in resuming work and production and stabilize the supply chain of the industrial chain. On the premise of doing a good job in prevention and control, China is willing to open "fast channels" with South Korea and more countries to facilitate the exchange of people and "green channels" to promote the flow of goods, and speed up the resumption of practical cooperation under possible conditions. smooth the economic cycle of each and the region. In addition, we should focus on the "post-epidemic era" and improve the level of regional economic cooperation. To this end, we must adhere to multilateralism and free trade, reduce tariffs, remove barriers, and open markets to each other. We will strengthen cooperation in health care, intelligent manufacturing, 5G and other fields to create new economic growth points. We should also speed up the free trade negotiations between China, Japan and South Korea, and strive to sign a regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement by the end of this year to deepen economic integration. We also need to give full play to the role of various regional multilateral mechanisms to guard against financial risks and enhance economic resilience. "

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