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[proposal by representatives of the two sessions] Li Shufu: move the collection of automobile consumption tax to the sales link and realize the sharing between the central and local governments.
May 21,2020 11:07CST
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SMM5 March 21: the two sessions of 2020 will be held on May 21. This year is the year when China won a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, fighting a decisive battle to get rid of poverty, and the end of the 13th five-year Plan. These two sessions have attracted much attention from all walks of life. As an important participant in the two sessions, representatives of the two sessions have also prepared a wealth of hot proposals for discussion and consideration. SMM will organize the industry-related proposals of the two sessions as follows.

Deputy Li Shufu, deputy to the 13th National people's Congress and chairman of Geely Holdings Group, announced three suggestions: "changing the vehicle purchase tax from the central tax to the central and local sharing tax", "moving the automobile consumption tax to the sales link and realizing the sharing between the central and local governments", "appropriately liberalizing the motorcycle ban" and "scientifically planning urban motorcycle driving":

Automobile consumption tax is a new tax set up in the national tax system reform in 1994, which has been listed in the interim regulations of the people's Republic of China on consumption tax implemented since January 1, 1994. On the basis of generally levying value-added tax on goods, it chooses a small number of consumer goods and then levies a consumption tax, which is generally reflected in the production side, and its purpose is to adjust the product structure and guide the direction of consumption. The collection of automobile consumption tax will be moved from the current production link to the sales link, and it is suggested that the central and local governments should share it during the fifth five-year plan. Reducing the large amount of working capital occupied by production enterprises will help enterprises to better invest their funds in technological innovation and product research and development, so as to promote the high-quality development of the automobile industry. At the same time, by moving the consumption tax backward and leaving part of the tax revenue at the local level, we can have more funds to do a good job in urban infrastructure construction, improve the consumption environment, and further activate consumption vitality.

Hu Chengzhong, deputy to the National people's Congress and chairman of the board of directors of Delixi Group, believes that it is necessary to make good use of "Internet Plus" and proposes to formulate a time-division toll policy for highways:

Hu Chengzhong said that as long as the masses enter vehicle model information and starting and ending places, they will be able to accurately display the recommended routes and tolls, charge less will not make up, and more will be refunded, put an end to muddle-headed accounts, and let the masses rest assured that they will boldly run the highway.

Second, he believes that in order to properly implement the principle of "increasing efficiency and reducing fees", it is necessary to make society feel truly "healthy." For a long time, the proportion of total logistics cost in GDP in China has been too high. In recent years, through efforts, it has dropped from 18% in 2012 to about 14% in 2018, and there is still a lot of room for decline.

He proposed to refine the administrative measures and make good use of the price leverage. He suggested that the relevant departments should make reference to the mature experience of highway operation tolls in other countries and formulate corresponding time-division toll policies for passenger transport and logistics, two industries with wide social implications. On the one hand, they should use preferential prices to guide off-peak road use, on the other hand, they should also try their best to reduce the traffic burden of relevant enterprises and avoid the transmission of new costs to other industries.

Li Jinbo, deputy to the National people's Congress and director of the Household Air conditioning Innovation Center of Midea Group, will bring about increasing new infrastructure to promote the development of the industrial Internet, and proposing to improve policies to support enterprises to participate in public crisis response:

Li Jinbo believes that the strength of enterprises can become an important supplement to China's emergency reserves, and policies and regulations should be issued to allow qualified and capable enterprises to participate in the process of major crisis response. There are existing laws that require enterprises to cooperate with the government's emergency management, but "in practice, the relevant rules and guidelines are not perfect. I hope that after this epidemic, the corresponding state departments will formulate corresponding policies and measures." can put these (enterprise strength) in place.

This paper puts forward the following suggestions on how to give full play to the advantages of enterprises to deal with major public crises:

First, establish and improve the strategic resource reserve mechanism.

Second, support enterprises to make use of their own advantages to support public crisis response.

Third, the government and enterprises jointly explore the use of big data to support the public crisis management of major epidemics.

Fourth, the government should support large multinational enterprises to make use of the advantages of global marketing network and industrial chain to support the government to deal with the public crisis.

Fifth, the government should standardize the improper propaganda behavior of enterprises and improve the efficiency, quality and enthusiasm of enterprise donations.

More deputies to the two sessions of the National people's Congress propose that SMM will continue to be updated.

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