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[520] We have prepared a surprise gift for you during the conference season!
May 20,2020 09:55CST
Thank you for supporting me all these years!
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In the twinkling of an eye, five months have passed since 2020, and in the days when the epidemic was shrouded in the previous period, the metal market fluctuated, affecting everyone's thoughts! What's the next step? What's the market like? Under the attacks of black swans and gray rhinos, we rushed to the front together. A live online market and online membership activities are all testimony of Shanghai Nonferrous Network and everyone against unknown events.

Now that the epidemic has been alleviated, the dark clouds have finally been put aside to see the vitality of the metal industry. In 2020, we, who have experienced the epidemic, cherish what we have now and are eager to work in the current situation. More need the market, continue to deal with customers as before! The offline metal industry summit held by Shanghai Nonferrous Network, such as copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, nickel, cobalt, lithium, small metal and stainless steel, has also officially set the time! Here we SMM specially prepared a 520 meeting gift for you! Thank you for supporting me all these years!

Event description: log in to the SMM+ Mini Program and you can get a gift from the 7 big meetings!

Click "520 colored surprise (jump to the event page)

I hope that in this day when the weather is gradually heating up, everyone's business will be booming with each passing day!

Scan the code immediately and take part in the activity quickly.

Announced on the opening day of the major metal industry summits of SMM

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