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[SMM thread] spot prices have risen sharply, has the thread unilateral market come?
May 18,2020 19:00CST
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SMM5 March 18: boosted by the news of production restrictions on environmental protection in Tangshan, the superimposed market is expected to be better for this week's two sessions, and prices are now resonant in the threaded period. The national average spot price of thread rose 78.7 yuan / ton compared with last Friday, and even reached 100 million yuan / ton in South China. The acceptance of the terminal for the high price is OK, and the overall procurement rhythm is relatively stable. And at the same time, the market sentiment has obviously improved compared with the previous period, optimistic bullish sentiment occupies the mainstream, the phenomenon of traders coming out to replenish the stock is more common, the market is hot at low prices, and some merchants in some parts of eastern China, such as Nanjing market, even stop ordering and sealing the warehouse in the afternoon. From a current point of view, although under the understanding of SMM, the impact of production restrictions in Tangshan on the emotional side of the spot market is greater than reality, the spot market, which is still enthusiastically traded after the surge, has undoubtedly released a good signal that terminal demand can be expected. Spot prices have not stopped, and the "unilateral" market that the market has been waiting for a long time has unwittingly begun.

[specific transaction feedback] [Hangzhou]: a sharp increase of 30,000,000 yuan / ton over the weekend, the current snail trend is strong, the spot market continues to rise, the quotation in the early market is more chaotic, and then the market transaction willingness is gradually unified. The mainstream transaction price of Shagang is 3620rel 3640 yuan / ton, and that of Zhongtian snail is 3730rel 3750 yuan / ton. After the sharp increase in prices, the market acceptance is OK, the low price transaction is positive, and the terminal demand and trader replenishment demand are significantly higher than last week. [Shanghai]: the spot quotation of screw thread in early trading was actively pushed up, which was 80 yuan / ton higher than that of last Friday, but the transaction was deserted. After loosening 10 yuan / ton in the afternoon, the transaction warmed up. Shagang resources are now quoted at 3560ly3570 yuan / ton, and snail Shagang is quoted at 3680 3,690 yuan / ton. The overall transaction is OK. [Beijing]: compared with last Friday, thread is up 60mur70 yuan / ton, 20-22mm is reported to 3530mur3540 yuan / ton, pan snail is raised by 20mur40 yuan / ton, Hegang resources is quoted at 3740mur3760 yuan / ton, and low-price resources are hot, doubling to the normal level. [Guangzhou]: thread price rises 70 Mel 90 yuan / ton, cold steel price 3800 Mel 3810 yuan / ton, pan snail price 80 Mel 90 yuan / ton, Wangang 3830 yuan / ton. The transaction is active, and the shipment at high price is still better. [Chengdu]: compared with last Friday, the resources of the threaded electric furnace steel plant increased by 50 million yuan / ton, while the resources of Weigang increased by 70 yuan / ton to 3770 million yuan / ton. The goods sent by the factory are OK, the Kuti transaction is weak, and the overall transaction is generally deviated. The terminal's acceptance of the high price is weak for the time being.

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