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[SMM global epidemic data tracking] A total of 4.4 million cases have been confirmed worldwide! The death toll from the epidemic in the UK has risen to the highest in Europe
May 15,2020 20:05CST
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On May 14, 84500 new cases were confirmed worldwide. As of 17:00 on May 15, the total number of confirmed cases worldwide exceeded 4.4 million! The cumulative death toll was more than 300000 cases.

The death toll from the epidemic has risen to the highest in Europe, and "mass immunization" has missed the best time to curb the spread of the virus in the UK

The United Kingdom today confirmed 34.55 million new cases, as of 17:00 on May 15, a total of 234000 cases were confirmed, second only to the United States and Russia, ranking third in the world. At the same time, the cumulative death toll in Britain has become the highest in Europe and the runner-up in the world with 33000 cumulative deaths.

As one of the earliest outbreak countries in Europe, the trend of new diagnosis in Italy, Germany, France and other countries that broke out in the same period has been gradually declining, and the cumulative diagnosis trend has decreased obviously. However, the UK has maintained a one-day increase in 3k-6k for the past two months, and the signal of inflection point has not been shown for a long time.

In a study released by the University of Manchester on the 14th, researchers analyzed public epidemic data and speculated that up to 25% of the British population may have been infected with the new crown virus.

How did the epidemic in the UK get to where it is today? Of course, there is no lack of a "pot" of the "group immunization" policy: in the early days of the epidemic, the government carelessly even promoted the use of "mass immunization" to deal with the new crown virus, causing it to miss the most critical period of early prevention and control of the epidemic. Then, after Spain, France and Italy began to adopt blockade measures, Britain gradually went from advising people to wash their hands carefully, to symptomatic conscious isolation, and then to giving a "ban" restricting unnecessary travel, giving the virus a chance to continue to spread. It was not until May 11 that the London government advised people to "cover their faces in closed places", affirming the role of masks for the first time. There is still no signal of an inflection point in the UK epidemic, but the unsealing plan was announced on May 10, when the British government released a 51-page document outlining a road map for unsealing the economy and gradually resuming work and classes in three stages.

The epidemic is unstable but gradually unsealed. Is Britain really ready?

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