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Weekly Review of Electrolytic Manganese (5.11-5.15): firm pricing mentality of Manganese Factory
May 15,2020 17:09CST
Manganese factory has a firm attitude towards high prices, spot transactions have moved up steadily.
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As of Friday, the spot tax ex-factory price in the mainstream area of the manganese triangle has been raised by another 100 yuan / ton, with most manufacturers centering on 10600-10800 yuan / ton, while the spot resource quotation in Guangxi is concentrated at 10750 yuan / ton, an increase of 100 yuan / ton over the average price on Friday. At the same time, the quotation range of FOB electrolytic manganese was raised by US $10 / ton, which fell to US $15201540 / ton, and the inquiry situation of some European countries increased slightly compared with the previous inquiry.

In terms of spot, as of Friday, the spot price of electrolytic manganese retail in southern China has gone up again than at the beginning of the week. The overall spot resources including tax ex-factory price range is 10700-10800 yuan / ton. At present, some manufacturers in various regions are mainly handing over orders, and there are not many spot resources in the factory. In the process of rising prices, buyers gradually follow up, making the focus of market trading move up. However, as far as production costs are concerned, most manufacturers still say that the current spot ex-factory price is still difficult to find a profit, so manganese prices are expected to continue to operate firmly in the short term. In terms of steel recruitment, most of the steel mills have finished bidding procurement in May, and the bidding pricing in the market varies, but the overall purchasing price has increased slightly in May.

In terms of production, some manufacturers in the manganese triangle region increased their production slightly within the week, but the total supply of electrolytic manganese in China did not increase significantly. As of Friday, SMM statistics showed that the daily output of electrolytic manganese in China was concentrated at 4189 tons, little change from the overall total supply at the beginning of the month. In addition, the manganese factory in Xiushan area of Chongqing is subject to environmental protection inspection. The manufacturer said that it would not rule out the possibility of complying with the environmental protection policy to reduce production in the later stage, but it is still mainly based on actual production.

Overall, although the market has slightly improved the affordability of high prices, but the negotiation and transaction process still hold a cautious wait-and-see mentality, manganese prices are expected to be firm and stable in the later stage.

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