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[SMM selenium spot Review] the supply of crude selenium and selenium increases and the market stands above the tuyere (2020.5.11-2020.5.15)
May 15,2020 15:16CST
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Only in the past ten days in May, some changes have taken place in the environment of all parties in the domestic selenium market, and the trend of selenium prices has attracted more attention and heated discussion in the market than in the previous period.

Today, SMM99.9% selenium powder transaction price is 105-130 yuan / kg, 99.9% selenium ingot transaction price is 110-135 yuan / kg, crude selenium transaction price is 65-72 yuan / kg, selenium dioxide transaction price is 65-70 yuan / kg, the average price is the same as last week.

Selenium powder: foreign media 99.9% selenium powder transaction price of $6-7.3 / lb, the price is the same as last week. The glass and ceramic industry downstream of selenium powder has been in the doldrums for a long time. With the slow speed of real estate and infrastructure construction, the downstream orders and start-up situation is not ideal, and the impact of export order damage since the outbreak of overseas epidemic has not dissipated. This series of weak downstream performance leads to the normalization of the domestic fine selenium market. Of course, under the support of crude selenium cost, the price of refined selenium is still stable. At present, the mainstream transaction price of 99.9% selenium powder made in China is 105115 yuan / kg, and the mainstream transaction price of 99.9% selenium powder imported is 120-130 yuan / kg, which is still stable. In May, some pottery enterprises have signs of resumption of work, but in the early stage of resumption of production, it is still mainly to digest the stock of raw materials in the early stage, and the release of procurement demand still takes time.

Selenium: the supply of selenium in the domestic market has increased this week, so when shipping, the transaction price of selenium is under pressure, and the center of gravity of the actual transaction price has shifted down. On Friday, the price of SMM selenium was 65-70 yuan per kilogram, the same as last week. Still, SMM learned that as of this week, especially in the second half of the week, there had been subtle changes in the price of selenium sold on the market, which had been concentrated around 68 yuan per kilogram and had now been adjusted to 65 yuan per kilogram. In order to win downstream orders, the market also has a price of less than 65 yuan / kg. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the market has replenished part of the relatively low-cost supply of diselenide, and futures booked before the Spring Festival have been delivered in the near future. Therefore, in the case of a clear operating space in the current price environment, the holder has the willingness to ship, the price of selenium is inevitably under pressure.

Recently, the tender price of crude selenium in Jinlong Copper and Tongling is 72 yuan / kg, which is slightly higher than that of the last time. The trend of raw material price seems to be not very consistent with the current situation of fine selenium and diselenite, the selenium market really stands on the "tuyere" for the first time after the Spring Festival, testing every colleague in the industry. Later how the market evolves, the market parties may have a zipper.

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