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[SMM indium spot weekly review] indium market price stability trading is slightly active (2020.5.11-2020.5.15)
May 15,2020 14:22CST
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SMM, May 15 (Xinhua) the price of indium is still stable this week, but the market trading situation this week has improved compared with that before the May Day holiday. The activity of market inquiry has increased a lot, and effective orders and transactions have also increased slightly. Although the overall domestic and foreign consumption situation is still not much different from the previous period, the long-term stability of prices has also made some downstream purchases from the original on-demand purchases to increase some inventory. And speculative demand has also increased slightly, therefore, the seller also began to push the price, the focus of the price will move upward, lower than 920 yuan / kg low offer gradually disappeared. By the end of this week, the price of SMM refined indium is 920-950 yuan / kg, the average price is unchanged from last week.

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Crude indium market recently began to be strong, which is also good for the refined indium market, due to the reaction of market participants, crude indium supply recently tense, trading situation, the seller quotation is also relatively strong, cherish the sale price. However, although the seller is still actively offering prices, but because the short-term market demand expectations are not entirely optimistic, so the late market prices can not be too optimistic.


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