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[SMM Thread] the current trend of the 14th period is fluctuating and the transaction is lukewarm and tepid.
May 14,2020 18:16CST
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SMM5 March 14 News: the current trend continues to fluctuate in a narrow range, spot quotations around the country are operating steadily, individual markets are stable and strong, and the overall turnover is general, with no significant improvement compared with yesterday. With the tepid prices and transactions for many days in a row, the willingness to raise prices in East China has been strengthened, and some businesses have tried to raise slightly and began to play a game with the terminals. Another small part of the region, such as Zhengzhou, is different from other markets in the rhythm of picking up goods at the terminal, so the price has risen slightly. [Hangzhou] the snail trend in this period is weak, and transactions in the spot market are general. The quotations of traders in Hangzhou market are relatively strong, but they are still mainly traded at low prices. Shagang mainstream quoted 3550-3560 yuan / ton, Zhongtian plate snail mainstream transaction price 36303640 yuan / ton. [Shanghai]: the spot price is weak and stable, the price of thread sand steel resources is quoted to 34803490 yuan / ton, and that of plate snail sand steel is 35703590 yuan / ton. Low-price transactions, the overall volume of shipments is normal, near Friday, some businesses have the willingness to make a price. [Beijing]: the spot continues to operate steadily, with river steel threads of 346080 yuan / ton and river steel plate snails 3720-3750 yuan / ton. The transaction is better, mainly for the terminal to pick up the goods. [Guangzhou]: today basically maintain the price after yesterday's drop, thread cold steel 36603700 yuan / ton, disk snail steel 3720-3730 yuan / ton. Some businesses feedback shipments and yesterday is not much difference, the overall transaction is mediocre. [Chengdu]: thread stability and weakening, Weigang resources transaction in 36803700 yuan / ton, high prices rely on low, transactions are still generally weak.

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