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[SMM Global epidemic data tracking] A total of 4.3 million cases have been confirmed worldwide! Explosive increase in the number of cases in Russia and Brazil
May 13,2020 16:37CST
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On May 12, 84500 new cases were confirmed worldwide. As of 15:00 on May 13, the total number of confirmed cases worldwide exceeded 4.3 million! The cumulative death toll was more than 290000 cases.

The number of confirmed cases ranks second in the world! The press secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife both confirmed the diagnosis.

Russia confirmed 10, 000 new cases on the 12th, and as of 15:00 on May 13, Russia had confirmed nearly 230000 cases, making it the second largest country in the world after the United States in the number of confirmed cases.

Following a positive test for the new crown virus by the Russian prime minister on April 30, on May 12, according to Russian media reports, Russian President Press Secretary Peskov and his wife Navka have been confirmed to be infected with the new crown virus and have been admitted to hospital for treatment. In a televised speech, Putin said that Russia's fight against the new epidemic has entered a new stage on the 12th, and the restrictions will be lifted, but not all, and new measures will be taken to ensure the safety of citizens and support the economy. At present, the cumulative diagnosis trend in Russia is still in the accelerated growth stage, whether the lifting of restrictions will aggravate the epidemic situation in Russia, SMM will continue to track.

[cumulative trend of diagnosis in Russia]

The number of cases in Brazil has exploded, and the president has become the biggest threat.

A total of 8620 new cases were confirmed in Brazil on May 12. As of 15:00 on May 13, a total of 178000 cases have been confirmed and 12400 deaths have been confirmed in Brazil.

In March this year, the new crown virus began to spread in Brazil. In just a month and a half, Brazil has become the seventh largest country in the world in terms of the number of confirmed cases, far surpassing other countries. And the chances are that it will continue to surpass European countries, such as France, where the epidemic has slowed down. Brazil currently has the highest number of confirmed cases and deaths in Latin America, while the most economically developed countries, S ã o Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, are the "epicenter" of the epidemic in Brazil.

The situation in Brazil is serious, but its president is the biggest threat to epidemic prevention. Brazilian President Bosonaro not only called the new crown pneumonia a "simple cold", but also took the lead in opposing social segregation, insisting on "economic priority" and "no life without the economy". After the gradual opening of churches and lottery stations, Bosonaro announced on the 11th that he would remain open to gyms and beauty salons. The Brazilian Ministry of Health and the local government have had a great deal of disagreement with Bosonaro, who has so far been bent on going his own way, and internal political disagreements may hinder the efficient implementation of epidemic prevention measures in Brazil. How far the new crown virus will spread in Brazil, SMM will continue to track.

[cumulative trend of diagnosis in Brazil]

[top 10 countries with cumulative diagnosis]

[trend of new diagnoses in Europe and the United States]

[new trends in diagnostics in other key countries]


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