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The UHV plate is strong! Many stocks follow the rise.
May 13,2020 10:59CST
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SMM5 13: today, UHV plate strong, Perry shares, protect the electric pull up the touch plate, Yongfu shares, Shenma electric power, rely on smart electricity and other rapid rise.

As of press time, UHV appliances are rising rapidly!

With the State Grid announced the 2020 power grid investment arrangements, China's UHV construction began to accelerate. In 2020, the initial investment in the power grid by the State Grid will be 450 billion yuan, which will lead to more than 900 billion yuan in social investment, and the overall scale will exceed 1.3 trillion yuan. Among them, the UHV power grid project investment scale of 181.1 billion yuan, can effectively promote social investment of 360 billion yuan, the overall scale of 541.1 billion yuan. It needs to be clear that UHV mainly refers to AC power grid of 1000kV or above or DC power network of ±800kV or above, which has the advantages of long transmission distance, large capacity, low loss, less land occupation, and the transmission capacity can be 2.4 ~ 5 times that of 500kV EHV transmission. It is called "power highway" and belongs to "new infrastructure" intelligent energy infrastructure.

Transmission voltage is generally divided into high voltage (HV), ultra high voltage (EHV) and ultra high voltage (UHV). In the world, high voltage usually refers to the voltage of 35kV~220kV, ultra-high voltage usually refers to the voltage of 330kV~1000kV, and ultra-high voltage usually refers to the voltage of 1000kV and above.

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